Yes I am a Noob as a Barb.

I have asked for help a few times on here, and I read all the stuff players gave me to read. Out of all the many pages I have read, no where did it have the info I needed. Nor the info from the players.

But yesterday while on MP6 I found the info I needed. A player asked me last week to watch a video of him doing MP10, And I had better gear then him, but I couldn't do MP4. So I went to MP6 to try and figure out what was wrong. I also changed my main hand weapon to one that has extra LS and LOH on it, I gave up over 30k dps.

Well as I was getting my butt kicked all over the place for the last 4 days, I got really mad while using WW and tried to push my finger through the keyboard on the key. Then I learned.. I had always just kept tapping the key for WW. At that point I learned that you hold down the key for WW. I just couldn't believe the outcome after that. I went through those monsters like a hot knife going through butter. Then I tested Sprint , same thing.

No where in all the reading of posts or advice did I learn this. Yes the posts and advice helped me in lots of ways and am thankful. Now I can change my weapon back and get the 126k dps back and kick some monster butt.

Like I said, I was a noob in the beginning, but now I have learned a whole lot. Thanks everyone for the time and advice you have given me..
use instigation on bash. take out rend and use warcry impunity. swap bloodthirst for superstition. U will become twice as good as u are now with this setup.
glad that you're kicking those monster's butt = )

can I give you another suggestion?
when I run SWW I use hurrican on my right mouse button and rend on one of the keys so give that a try to see if it's easier for you
another thing u might miss which is very important is to keep pressing battle rage and sprint when wwing through mobs to constantly spend fury. Thrive on chaos does not work if you have full fury. you have to keep spending and gaining fury to keep WOTB on as long as possible. you can also keep pressing sprint and battle rage while bashing if there is only 1-2 mobs left to give you enough fury to sprint to the next pack.
good advice so far. also - you can get a way better main hand for real cheap and much more DPS with similar stats.

Also - 6 CC Bracers are flooded so you might have luck there also.
Actually there are more things that are not exactly "out there"

for example i recenlty read the following thing for the ww barbs

with cc between 45-55 (with WOTB open) you need 2.5 APS to keep WOTB on forever
assuming you have ruthless, weapons master and bloodthirst as your passives
and an echoing fury that adds 0,24 aps you need 4 slots in your gear for incread attack speed to hit hit 2.5 APS. These slots must be 9%/9%/8%/8%
if your EF adds 0.25aps you need 9/8/8/8

i have been trying to learn what i just wrote for months and only recently did i finally read some threads here to learn it. So i am a noob barb myself :)
@ OP

you should put WW in right click mouse button and sprint on one of the key. its much easier to chain sprint + ww that way.
Glad you finally solved your problem!

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