cm wizard help what should I upgrade next

here is my cm wizard:

I really don't know what to upgrade I only have 45mil to spend! I just started again 3days ago and still had some gold and I copied someone elses build but now I want to step up and be able to take on mp5-10 with little to no problem at all (mp 5 is really a pain in act1 lol) so can someone please help me! what should I upgrade that will really help my cm wizard!

Thankyou! sorry about my poor grammer.
i would upgrade ur tal armor to one with ra. or lacuni with ra and cc. thats what i would do in ur situtaion.
You think thats all would that cost all my 45mil?
you need to up your CC/ and LOH...and dont forget to get some AR along the'll save you gold in the long run!! try for a storm crow with som crit... low apoc wont cut it with CM
the armor could cost anywhere from 10 to 45 easy just depends on high u want the resists. and i would drop ur zuni ring for a rare with 9 ias and around 4 cc and 60 ra those can go for less than 5 mill. it will help u more than the zuni atm. if ur zuni was a trifecta i would use it but its no. so it would help to get ur as up and crit.
you aren't a cm wiz. you need 2.77 aps, you have 2.45. You need ias. swap out that socket on the Chan will and get ias, at least 1.75 aps. then try and add ias on another slot(at least 8%, unless you get more than 1.75 aps on the chan will) without losing ehp. So on either the amulet, or pox. also remember armor and All res is always good on gear : )

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