Go Ravens!

Just made a friendly wager with a friend for a cool 1m that the Ravens will beat the 49ers. Anyone else in the betting mood with their friends tonight?
idgaf about sports
Ravens FTW Mofo!
GG! im 10m richer
02/03/2013 07:54 PMPosted by Security
GG! im 10m richer

go die
Congrats to the Ravens fans out there. Condolences to the 49ers fans. Great game, though.
I was able to get $500 on 48.5 under, when vegas is at 47.5

02/03/2013 08:00 PMPosted by Origin
GG! im 10m richer

go die

Oh hey didn't think you had enough time to check bnet.
2 more hours and im collecting.
GG ravens.

No offense but the entire time I watched the game all I was thinking was "I dislike Rahim Moore."

>.> I'm going to go sulk about the Broncos some more... and maybe try and figure out why Manning thought it was a good idea to imitate Brett Favre =p

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