My Uhkapian Serpent = PRICELESS.

Witch Doctor
After 36,000 elites kills on all my characters they finallly drop something i can be proud of.

Uhkapian Serpent

+85-416 damage
+320 intelligence
+90 vitality
+7% life *****-
critical hit chance increased by 9.5% *****
-increases damage against elites by 6% *****
-reduces resource cost of zombie charger by 10 mana *****

Should anyone be interested in this and would like to upgrade their serpent i'll be glad to release it since atm i dun have the gear & $$$ to make another bear set.
Awesome drop man, I would buy it but my bear build works well; also, I have like just 34M
Awsome drop man :)
Grats man! You are one of the very very few to find a high end upgrade in your own class.
no mana gen... :\
02/04/2013 04:10 PMPosted by Luffy
no mana gen... :\

Reduced charge by 10 is just as good.
Im so loving my witchdoc. More legendaries then wat my barb k bring me. Very soon my wd is going overtake my barb in elites kills. Wahahha.. All hard work has paid off.

no mana gen... :\

02/04/2013 10:05 AMPosted by Evolutionese
-reduces resource cost of zombie charger by 10 mana *****

Not expending 10 per atack, is as much as 10 - 14 mana regen/ sec.

Infernal Greetings!

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