WD gearing challenge (5mil gold reward)

Witch Doctor
100K DPS

1mil EHP

2500 LoH

anyone think they can get me there from where I'm at now for with only 100mil gold?

I currently have 72K DPS and 650K EHP

(I know 5mil gold isn't much, but its all I can spare)
amethyst in your weapon. is this real life?

a 100% emerald would give you 14k dmg
02/04/2013 10:46 PMPosted by danitefox
amethyst in your weapon. is this real life?

helps me facetank better, but I wouldn't be opposed to changing it, I just wanna keep my LoH as high as possible. Is that wrong?

PS unless I drop a third of my cash on a perfect emerald, I can only increase it for about 8K right now.
you would be better off just getting a life steal weapon.
I've tested life steal on 90K DPS before. It does ok, but not enough for my liking. Acid Cloud with LoH stacks heals about 5 times as much, which I prefer to bear dmg.

My friend had about 130K DPS with lifesteal and bears and I was surviving much better than him at higher MPs
LoH is good with acid cloud, but if you switch do using zombie bears you will want LS
not sure if the budget will allow for all of what you request... and 1 mio EHP is a.) way too much and b.) definitely impossible for your budget.

i'd maintain your ehp and just raise dps, lower LoH. i very much like LoH myself aswell, but your LoH is just too much.

so: the easiest way for you is to go tal rasha chest with res all and higher int than yours + 100% crit dmg gem into your weapon + 250-ish int vile ward.

would give you around 100k dps and maintain high enough LoH.

if you would drop your amulett for a lot lower LoH everything will be cheaper/easier. but LoH might then be too low for your likings...
imo for 100mil to spend just go for attack item, 650k eHP is already a solid def but 75k dps is a bit low.

2500 loh is too much if you're at 1mil eHP...the higher your def is the less you''d need LOH. 1200-1500 LOH should be more than enough.

I could bring you up to 1mil and 100k dps with your budget but you'll have to lose your 4pieces Zuni bonus, if you want to keep the bonus it'll be just impossible or really hard and would take maybe month searching for good deal.

easiest way will be:
-Black dmg weapon with stats around that: 1100dps 150+int and open socket or with 90%CD...between 5mil-10mil.

-Tal amy with similar stats as yours minus the AR, aim for higher int and vit in it tho....between 5-10mil.

-New gloves with high int and high vita, 200ish int+ 100ish vita + similar cc cd stats as yours...between 7-15 mil.

-Zuni Helm with cc (3.5/4%) 150+int 80+vit...between 10-15mil

And finally A SHIELD!
-Aim for at least 8.5 cc high vit 200+ high int if possible and AR too...between 2-20million (shield price range can vary a lot daily )

If you take your time searching the AH ( wich can take weeks) you'll be able to reach your goal with your budget and even have enough gold left to buy a zuni ring with cc.

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