Outbid on an item but no gold refund

Technical Support
Hi, a few min ago I tried to snipe an item for 1mil when there was 10sec left on the auction timer. The bid lagged for around 10+ sec, after which I received a message saying something about system load and the transaction will be under inspection.

That item auction is over and now I have neither the item nor my 1mil.

I hope this gets resolved soon.
Exact same prob.. and for 2 seperate items...

Really hope this gets resolved as well....

Did read blizzard said no gold has ever been reported ''permanently'' erased... so thats a gd sign.. i guess...
Same prob, for 3 items, no items and 20Mil disappear.

Now, waiting 5-10 days delay to go back gold or items.. :(


Biding for me is over, waiting for a real patch on AH.
It just happened to me now. bidded a 1H rare axe for 200m. The Auction expired and no record on the completed tab with my 200m gold gone.

Hope they get this !$@^$&%** fixed asap.
Hi all, thanks again for your patience. We'll make sure we get the threads updated as soon as we have more info. As I stated in the first post, there's no reports of the auctions just eating the gold/currency without delivering on the auctions - but it is taking much longer to process. I don't have much more info to offer at this time, but I can tell you that this is one of our highest priorities to address.


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