Help upgrade my wiz please

looking for tips on what i should upgrade im looking to get 200k+ dps :) thank you

I got some suggestion for you :
- Try to find a better ring than Precious Scar with more Intel
- Try a 2-handed weapon (strong ones) like Skorn
- Better pants maybe
- look for another green set?

Nice set bonus with your Zunimassa O_o

well , i'm a noob with 56k dps wizard.
Hope it help a bit

Hi Stalmen.

To be honest you've got gear beyond 'fresh level 60 wizard' gear. Your spell selection is not something I'm familiar with (not a big surprise, I'm hyper-focused on Archon).

I think in order to get you to 200K unbuffed your best bet would be rings with crit chance and crit damage rather than IAS. You've also got high all resist; probably to a point that you could lose all resist on one slot without enormously affecting your survivability (depending on the MP level you are playing in).

To delve a little deeper in this subject I'd ask some questions:

What's your playstyle, how do you utilize your spells and what MP are you effectively progressing through?

What makes you choose IAS over crit damage on some of your gear?

Kudos on a nice APOC Triumvirate. :)
I would start with your trium. I saw 250 INT/200 avg dmg triums for under 5 million.

Then I suggest more attack speed. Start with the ring as Clowpower suggests, but I would shoot for 8/9 IAS, with more INT. Try to find a similiar ZPOX with 8/9 IAS.

If still not there consider ICE Climbers. They can provide 200 INT/ Socket/Life% and if you get 70 All Res will make up for lost set bonus.

Good Luck!
Last time I checked if you're looking for sheet dps increases only it's cheaper to invest in crit damage and crit chance gear. When you start looking for crit chance and ias gear it's more expensive; and even more if you want all three.

Unless there's a compelling reason (CM wizardry) to choose IAS for some specific mechanic then you could look for crit damage.
Thanks for the advice so far everyone,
nanji its a fresh char beacuse i sold everything and deleted my chars so i wouldent be drawn back to the game :P but that dident work anyway.. so far i do mp4 i am able to tank a bit so i dont have to kite all the time but i still do end up kite vs certain elite packs.. i dident want to play the cm/freeze style wiz i always try to be diffrent with my chars.. as for the AS thats just me i personally hate slower attack speeds i always try and stay arround 2 thats why i went with as>cc on some items.

theoldred - thanks for the input but going with iceclimbers would hurt more with loseing the set bonus on zumis i would have to regear my amour/ring just to do ice climbers maybe could gain serious dps but loose on serviabilty tho no?

EDIT- im just trying to try and boost my dps to do a possible archon build i realize doing this i should just throw away my as for cc gear but probally will stick with just messing around with skills to keep things fun on my char so just wondering what i should go first to upgrade and change i guess is what im saying.

A while back I had a ragequit scenario as well; I got scammed out of a valuable legendary shortly after hitting L60 and was counting on that to fund my hopes of progressing beyond Inferno Act 1. I gave away my gear to friends, deleted my wizard and uninstalled the game.

Well... that clearly didn't last did it?

I agree with you that IAS of 2.0 or more is a good place to stay in general regardless of build (Archon, Kite or your own path). Looking things over a bit more I would still suggest at least one ring swap to CC / CD over IAS / CC. You've got great resists and maybe a bit more Vitality than I would opt for but maybe your playstyle needs more EHP which is fine. You could look at an upgrade Tal's Amulet with 6% more elemental damage and higher crit chance. Another option would be to go for a Tal's Helm with 6% cc and 250+ int roll, that should also be a DPS increase though you lose some APOC and LOH.

The only other option really is to start looking for costly top end rolls on your current gear... a 250 int Vile Ward... a higher int roll Zuni's Trail... etc. That's not cheap though. :)

Hope this helps.
nanji, it does help thank you as i figured any upgrades at this point would be just a more expensive verson of what i have, i will look into the tals helm tho and look for a ring with nice cc/cd as you say i can probally afford to drop some hp and the 37 resist from that ring.. golds tight now after getting everything was just curious if there was some cheap upgrades i can do, and the tals ammy to upgrade that were talking like 80+m unfortunanlly thanks tho for the input ill do what i can :P
Had another thought on this, are you talking about buffed or unbuffed DPS?

I noticed that neither your Scoundrel or Enchantress are equipped with gear; they provide a small buffed DPS increase.
nanji well right now im starting to aim with 200k buffed i know.i wont have the resourses to hit 200k unbuffed yet i did upgrade one ring added 8k dps so far with that
nanji heres the question tho should i dump the zumi set and.try n go woth climbers a better ring and tals arm? that could add some decent dmg
Stalemen, no need to drop whole set, just the boots. You will only lose plus 55 All Res bonus. Ice Climbers come with 71 All Res minimum, with the extra INT you will make up the lost All Res bonus.

plus the socket will provide flexibility.
ahh i didnt even notice that thanks but wouldnt i loose more dmg then gain cause ill he looseing the 8%psn dmg?
yeah looked into it old red and i actually loose dmg going to climbers :( swaping out the ring couls be a option for dps but ill loose over 100+ res
Sounds good, best of luck then...:)

8% poison damage is pretty good didn't catch that...:)
Hehe yeah was a good idea but cause of that 8% just cant doer :-P

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