Where to farm effectively with poor gear?

Hey. I've recently took up Diablo 3 again after a long break. At the moment i'm just doing some MP0 farming (Poor TR build), but I feel as I wont get much gear from that.

Is there any specific route to take in order to get some better items? I've gone from 0 to paragon level 8 and got 1 decent item. Am I just being spoiled here and just have to conitnue farming or am I doing a incorrect route?

My route now looks like this:

ACT 3 - Arreat Crater level 2 -> Raakkings Crossing -> Fields of Slaughter -> Keep of the Depths Level 2, rinse and repeat. Takes about 10-15 minutes.

Is this viable? Everything is done at MP0 cause MP1 results in too many deaths on my part sadly.

Link to armory: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Marante-2430/hero/161428

Do you guys have any tips what/where I can farm more efficient?
That's more or less the most efficient route. You can cut out the Fields of Slaughter, probably.

Anyway, I don't find Tempest Rush farming particularly more effective than just standard punching-things-farming until you have sufficient damage that you're 1-shotting everything as you run through them, and the Monk in your profile doesn't look like it's there yet. If you have to make multiple passes through enemies, you might as well not be Tempest Rushing, IMO.

If I were giving you a Monk makeover, I'd probably switch to a more DPS-oriented skills (Anything that buffs all your damage by a percentage), and give you Seize the Initiate and Fleet Footed as passives. (Get rid of the spirit generation). Gear-wise, get some Move Speed on your boots as a top priority.

As you stack up paragon levels, more gear does start to come a little faster. In the mean time, if you can survive without a purple gem in your helm, switch to a red or yellow one for more XP or magic items.

Anyway, the key to farming efficiently is basically: Get there faster and do more damage. I wouldn't worry about some TR build until you're more fully geared up.
I agree with Demi in regards to the efficient farmint route in A3. However, I was a Fists of Thunder/Sweeping winds farmer, and must say that I love the quickness of Tempest Rush. You should check out my build and gear. I definitely do not have the best gear for this spec, but I can farm MP0 very fast. Honestly, I spent less than 100m gold on the items I have. I was just very patient onthe AH, and bid instead of buyout. I have enough spirit regen, with skills active, that I actually gain spirit when channeling Tempest Rush. Just my two cents! :D
Thanks for the input guys. I do agree with you Demi, however, I've tried with a regular cookie-cutter-punching build, and this one works just as well (I just enjoy the movespeed).

As for items, i'm getting 0 income. I get nothing of value which I can sell for some profit..
Given your DPS, you might farm faster with a quasi-cookie-cutter build using Dashing Strike, like I do. DS will minimize downtime between groups, while not sacrificing too much time on target during engagements.
0 income? You should be at least making a million or two from gold on the ground and selling items to vendors. Are you dying frequently? If so, stop doing that. :)

Seriously, though, if you're dying then you need more defensive passives or better gear. Dying is the least efficient thing you can do in terms of trying to claw your way to your first few million.

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