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I did a quick google search and found a bunch of threads from back in May 2012. This was the first time I've logged on D3 in a good while, but now I can't do anything. I log in, play for maybe 5-10 minutes and then the game says it's lost the connection to the server and everything is reset. Sometimes I keep my items, sometimes I don't. Every single time I lose map progress.

What the heck is happening?
the game is exploding from the huge playerbase
What? That makes no sense. The game has been out for a long long time. Why would it NOW be exploding from a huge playerbase?
i'm also experiencing this same problem today. it is randomly disconnecting at different times of the day. usually i get some lag but not disconnection like this.
Has it been fixed?
no not yet , it happem to me everyday
Perhaps it's something worth calling Blizzard over?

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