What is your profession?

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Monk forum started something like this. I always wondered about the wiz community.

I'm a dentist.
Navy Submarine Warfare Officer (in training).
@Chemistcarl Used to be in the Navy also stationed in Groton, CT (submarine base). =)
pharmacy tech and a surgical tech
Public policy analyst
bank teller
I love my dentist. He is amazing at his job.

As for myself I work I am in the oil industry. More specifically a cementing company that cements pipe in the ground so they can pull the oil and gas out. I guess we also do some remedial work when things go bad down hole.
I'm a dentist.

You should be glad to hear that I have been using my Waterpik very well. It's awesome and really does a better job than flossing. And I don't abuse it by setting the pressure so high it ruins my gums.

I hated flossing with a passion. I did it, but I really hated it. Really, really hated it.
Paramdeic captain for EMS system
Gamer.weekends I have a landscape business and use day labor.Im in HS barley graduating. No kids my age will work around here so i make decent money.
Mechanical Engineer
IT for the world's largest fruit company.
Basic answer. Cable guy. Plant Maintenance tech now. No more installs.
Cardiothoracic surgeon
Drug Discovery Chemist
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Im in HS barley graduating.

02/01/2013 10:11 AMPosted by yodatoy
Im in HS barley graduating.


school is a waste of time. it just a union card but if you're half intelligent you wont suffer opportunity cost of school and make money early then money works for u. I wont work past 30.
Graduate Student - Pursuing a PhD in Neurobiology (and hopefully I'm finished in 6months!)
Good Luck Tekk!!

Finished my PhD in chemistry in 2004. Damn, I couldn't wait for it to be over. Writing that dissertation was a killer!
@Piehole: Thanks for the encouragement doc! Yeah, I'm in the writing phase of papers and my dissertation. :)

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