AH Bidding Hack?

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Simple answer, it will only show your bid not the winning bid by the other player. So as long as you have the next highest bid, it show your bid and hide the winning bid until bid is winning bid.

No more Ah exploit where you see the winning bid.
Simple answer, it will only show your bid not the winning bid

That's not simple, though.
Simple would be showing people the current
bid like every other AH ever created.
Ok... I found a ring a like.. so I bid on it.. minimum bid was like 86m... so i made a custom bid.. and made it totally random. 98,765,555 .. the max I was willing to spend. 30 min later... I was outbid. Only problem is... the Current bid on the item is 98,765,555 and I am not winning. How is this possible? still 5 hours left on the item

I searched the item just to confirm it wasn't lag on my personal AH bidding screen... and it's confirmed exactly the same bid as mine... but I'm not winning.
This is great news.

In the past, when people kept battling your bid, it was possible that it would end with you still winning the auction but with your max bid. It was exploitable and awful. Now it works the opposite way. While the other guy outbids you it can show your bid as the minimum bid. But the good thing is that it stops the seller from taking another account and exploiting shill bidding to force you to pay the maximum bid you made.

In fact, it is likely that the seller of your item was trying to use the old exploit to make you pay the maximum. But it back fired hilariously because now that this is fixed, he ended up outbidding you, and now risks buying his own item wtih 15% penalty...

02/02/2013 02:04 AMPosted by Crocodilius
like every other AH ever created.

Ebay uses proxy bidding too.
When did Blizzard remove the automatic 5% increment bid? Was there an announcement?

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