Item in Ah disappeared

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this is new

the auction ended but it didnt to the "completed" tab for items after expiring

instead under Auctions it showed "expired" at the place where normally the time remaining is displayed

there was 2 item that were "expired" but remained in "auctions"

i click cancel for both to try and retrieve the item but it hang for a moment, displayed error for tat item and poof! item gone

its a 2 handed wep with name "SLam Break" Error code 31006
over 1200 dps with over 180 crit damage <1k life on hit and open soc

can only remember these plz help thx

this occur abt 5 mins before this post

juz realised error code in chat box
read the forum...this maybe new to you....however the GAH is plagued with similar issues right now...there seems to be hundreds of items and millions in gold stuck in no mans land right now
thx... i think theres nothing i can do atm except for wait for a mod to read this
still not resolved!

any blizz officials here?
was resolved

but after i tried selling on AH, it expired and disappeared again...... help any 1?
Yeah the AH is still broke.

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