Inferno Beliel?

Can I solo him or should I wait?
I wouldn't advise it. One, DTWW spec has this weird graphic stop that causes you to pause intermittently against Belial. Same goes for Azmodan, but you can circle around him and avoid the pools.

I went with a S&B set up of 675 AR, 7,500 armour, 84,000 HP, and around 24,000 DPS. I barely made it out alive at MP2. If you do decide to go with that set up, I recommend you do it at MP0.

I personally think you should wait.
Wait for what? You're low on damage reduction. Pop in an Ignore Pain and you should be fine when death pools are cast beneath you. You still have to move though. Overpower's Crushing Advance can reduce some damage too. Nerves of Steel, Tough as Nails, Relentless can help too. Inspiring Presence won't be much help when you die in less than a second. Need to recover from burst damage faster. Should also use Rend to keep damage up while moving.

You're pretty much looking for death if you go forward with Whirlwind build.
So, it should be doable if you know the fight well.
Practice in Hell perhaps.

Here's a build I can suggest just for the boss fight:
Bash (Punish)
Rend (Lacerate)
Ignore Pain (Iron Hide)
War Cry (Impunity)
Battle Rage (Marauder's Rage)
Overpower (Crushing Advance)
Passives (Nerves of Steel, Tough as Nails, Relentless)

You can swap Relentless for Superstition also if you really know what you're doing.
thanks for the input. i guess i should farm up some better items before attempting him. back to vota!
wth is dtww
You can solo him. Just don't stand in the puddles!

You will probably need to gear up some before you can handle A3 without constant fear, though.
You can, you got good resists and regen, but not with WW.

On MP0, spec Insanity with WOtB and use Rend + Bash or something. Ignore pain is good too.

I would do what Sherwin suggets, but spec WoTB Insanity instead of overpower.
woot woot killed beliel with my regular build! i can't wait to start alk running
You'll only be able to cast WotB once during the 2nd phase.
If you take longer than 3 minutes things get nasty.

Say WotB takes 15 seconds and you're magically dealing 2 attacks per second with Bash.
So, you're dealing an extra 60 hits in that 15 seconds time frame.
Since Insanity deals double damage.

With Overpower you get to cast it at least once every 12 seconds and that's a minimum.
You think you can cast Overpower 60 times in less than 3 minutes?
Since you have Critical Hit Chance let's say you can cast Overpower once every 8 seconds.
180 seconds in total then divide that by 8. You'll be able to cast Overpower 22.5 times.

WoTB may win by 10 seconds, but you'll be missing mobility and redirect damage / 35% damage reduction. Would you rather take the dodge chance with WotB?

Try Rend (Blood Lust) if you're not sure.
^ Yep, I think the damage burst from the 3 rends and the bashes under Insanity will make up for Overpower... with his regen and rend, ignore pain, he can easily recover from a fireball.

Glad to see OP made it without even changing anything!
wow sherwin has a lot of barbarians!

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