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I just want some ideas on upgrades for my barbarian gear and mh weapon so i can safely farm A3 MP3 i can manage MP2 ok the 71k damage is him with battle rage but not wotb, i don't have much gold at the moment i just want something to work towards, any help would be apprieciated. here is a link to the barb-

Regards Nathan
Anything??? Wat would give me u big dps boost
How attached are you to the IK 3 set bonus? Because it seems to me like your gloves are where you have most DPS room for improvement.
Yeah i mainly want the AR bonus from 2 set so i would trade them definately thanks for the advice
If you're just looking for more DPS you can change various things...
IK gloves can have Critical Hit Damage
Both weapons are missing Critical Hit Damage
Amulet can still have higher Critical Hit Damage

I'm sure if you could afford it you'd have over 500% Critical Hit Damage.
You can also double the Strength of your boots at 200+. Plenty of Ice Climbers or Fire Walkers.
So try to go for 500CD ok there is a goal i'll start working toward im trying for some more attack speed, What do you think is the minimum AR i shouldnt go below? thanks for the targets sherwin
Only problem I have with dual wielding is you have no chance to block.
That means if you lag or disconnect the only things that can save you is:
Life Regeneration, Armor, Resistances, Reduced damage from Melee/Range Attacks.

I run with 7500/750 Armor/Resists, 50k Life, and less than 2k Life Regeneration.

If you really want to be safe, I've survived a 10 second vote kick against Arcane Sentry and Desecration with these stats:
9000/900 Armor/Resists, 40k Life, 3k Life Regeneration, and Relentless Passive.

Relentless works best with higher Life. Play with what you're comfortable with.
It's just a really expensive build if you want to Tank with a decent DPS WW setup.
do u mind me asking who vote kkicked you sherwin
You'll probably find their names in the forum already.
Been kicked more than once even though I already knew they vote kicked.
Can stand still without doing much in a pack of mobs if you have the proper skills and gear.

My current Barbarian:

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