Embarassing Moment: EB Is Not Fire (?)

I was toying with a mixed up Meteor build on PTR, patching up some of my super glassy-ness by swapping out GC for Conflag. When I switched back to SNS a while later, I forgot to switch passives.

After a few mins I realized my sheet DPS wasn't as high as it should be and figured out what was up. But I was enjoying the added eHP and said, hey, I'll just leave it in there... figuring it worked with Explosive Blast.

Much to my embarassment this afternoon, I actually read the tooltip on a talent calculator and saw the damage listed as Physical. Squarely placed my head into my desk.

Is this just a tooltip issue, or does EB really not work with Conflag?

Can anyone else share an embarassing D3 moment to make me feel better about not knowing this?
EB does not proc conflag, ever.
back then when i was starting out, i use cm with hydra and every time my hydra crits, i am so happy, thinking it was cooling down my archon

using hydra to cool down archon




also EB is physical
The first moment of stupidity for me came because I hadn't played any diablo before d3 and I had been playing WoW quite a bit. I was used to the tooltip for weapon speed being seconds per attack, so 2h had much higher values than 1h, and higher values means more damage per hit. For D3 it's attacks per second. I kept looking for the highest values of attack speed, thinking those weapons would do the most damage per attack, when in fact it's the exact opposite.
I THOUGHT disintegrate was fire. Who wudve thought that a red ray of fire'y looking blast wont work with conflag

Used it for a week too! >.<
eb is physical.

conflag you can proc with eg: storm crow. fire walkers, meteor, follower with fire weapon. spectral blades fire weapon

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