How does Sankis stack up?

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Would a perfect Burning Axe of Sankis result in higher DPS while using Whirlwind with Volcanic Eruption then a prefect Echoing Fury due to its fire dmg and fire skill dmg affixes? An Echoing Fury can get upwards of 1400 DPS while Sankis can only get over 1000. The question lies with the fire dmg added. Sankis adds 6% fire dmg which i do not believe is calculated into the DPS of the weapon and also adds 25% fire skill dmg.

It sounds to me that Sankis would be a better choice but that's just me speculating. Does anyone have any hard facts about this or a reason to come to another conclusion?
the 6% fire damage only adds to whatever physical damage and average damage is on your weapons and jewelry.

Just like WKL for monks, the weapon is sort of flawed as it won't add % to the X-Y fire damage on sankis itself.

Also, not many ww barb would take WW without the mvmt speed rune.

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