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So, you may have heard of this, Gas Powered Games is working on a new action-RPG type of game, mixed with MOBA and RTS elements. They also have a very amazing set of tools (Project Mercury) meant for mapping and modding, which will be released with the game, and will be used for future GPG games, RTS included. Suffice to say this set of modding and mapping tools is amazing and on-par with StarCraft II's. (Watch the 8 development videos to be amazed)

The project still needs funds and it has almost 2 weeks left for funding to reach the 1.1 mil $ goal on kickstarter.
Very interesting. I'm a huge fan of Dungeon Siege 1 & 2 (especially 1). Thanks for the heads up!
My pleasure, feel free to post this up on other sites you visit daily. (even sharing it on facebook and twitter)

This kickstarter project hasn't gotten much attention, and it would be a shame for GPG to have to cancel it as a result, seeing all the amazing work and new technology that has gone into it.

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