D3 is UNplayable due to blackscreen HELP

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This sounds just like what happened to me and found my GPU crapped out. Went to the store and bought a 550ti and everything was fine again. Sorry to hear about your troubles.
I love how everyone pops in here acting like they are professionals on PC components. Some of the responses I've read so far have made me laugh.

As someone stating that they are an expert in the BIZ its surprising you haven't suggest the OP go to a place that actually shows errors...

Right click your my computer icon>manage>event viewer>windows logs> your looking for applications and systems logs>filter by warning, and error (this is for windows 7/8/vista, its pretty much the same for XP)

Check for errors at the times you're having the issue
If you do see errors (and you will because all windows computers will have errors and warnings in there regardless if its a brand new install or not), you can take the event id # and go to eventid.net to see what it may indicate.

If its related to your hardware failing you probably won't see too much indicating it, its not going to say "video card overheating, shutting down to avoid trauma"

You'll just see nvidia driver failing errors

Someone said to use GPU Z to monitor temps - do that make sure its not overheating when you're playing. From what it sounds like, its a hardware problem, whether vid card, monitor, motherboard, ps.

Either way hopes this helps, better to look at the eventlog where it shows issues rather than the bios which doesn't really do much for you in the error related sense.

Edit: Forgot about one thing, DirectX may have gotten messed up as well, hard to say since you say you're playing other games fine (assuming there's a good chance they use DirectX), maybe a re-install of that or the entire game in general. You should have the full game file already downloaded unless you deleted it.

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