Finally was able to upgrade som..

Well I had an Amulet sell for 90,000,000 so I was able to upgrade my Barb to make him an all around great WW. I know there are godly Barbs but I am on my way.. Any advice on what upgrades I should be looking at next??

I saved some loot until the patch as peeps have been sayin there may be diff things that would be beneficial available to craft and what not..

Still pretty noob so trying to learn the ropes..

What would you upgrade on me next...Cheers.
Grats on the payday! Your gear is looking pretty good as it is. Some things I would be looking into would be a new ammy for more damage multipliers, same with gloves. More average damage, CC, CD, and IAS never hurt anyone. As far as IAS goes, I'm only seeing it on 3 slots which leads me to believe that you are hitting at a subpar tic rate? Check out Nubtro's thread on how they work and where you are currently sitting. Most say that 2.50 and above is where you want to be, for both weapons. Good luck to ya.
Few things I noticed right away:

-Life% scales with your base health pool, it's a very inefficient way to increase your health until you have around 1k vit.

-You have sooooooo much resists. Either drop some in favor of dps mods (looking at ammy and gloves specifically, maybe bracers as well) or drop warcry for overpower [killing spree], depending on your mp level and remaining budget you may want to do both.

-Slow attack speed. You have 3 slots of ias, which isn't bad it your weapons have high base aps, but they don't. You are 3 ias away from hitting the 2.0 aps breakpoint on your mainhand fully buffed, when that should be closer to your unbuffed attack speed.

Check your breakpoints here:

When looking for upgrades, use this: and look at fully buffed tdps.

Along with low aps on weapons, you mainhand has low average damage, since sprint tornadoes work off you mainhand damage, this is a major component of your tdps.

For more information on weapon setups, take a look at Phat's thread:

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