How much gold ya got?

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This for players not blotters or flippers
I've got just over 600 mil, I've been over 200 mil twice before. It's been a lucky month
dang, it is time to buy some better items then, dont ya think?
I never have more than like 50mil... there's always an upgrade to buy and not much reason to hoard gold.
I never used Real money for anything in this game, all 100% legit.

i just spent some gold and i got 156mill left. During my D3 career i had around 1-2 bill gold go through my hands so far. Before 1.05 came out or around that time, legendaries and sets were expansive and decent stated ones.

anyway @Bossaninja, that is 1 sexie as hell Calamity man... im trying to find one my self because nothing is sexier then a demon hunter with a calamity and then another 1 handed Xbow...

02/07/2013 08:14 AMPosted by Koric
dang, it is time to buy some better items then, dont ya think?

I'm looking all the time my gloves, pants, bracers and amulet are looted. My amulet, boots, quiver and gloves are obvious places to start. I just sold my old trifecta magic find gloves for 125mil. I've been lucky with gloves so I'm holding out on those
Holy crap 600 mil?? I am at a life-time high of 70 mil right now, and I thought I was rich..

I did once get a SKORN i sold on the RMAH for $70, which I suppose if I'd sold for gold I would have 200 mil. But at least I got drunk off it. :)

Sweet my top sale on rmah was 19 bucks early on
Currently at 711m on Hardcore.
61 million.

I've managed to save up quite a nest egg seeing as I haven't bought anything in months.
I'm at a little over 98mil right now. Had more but I had to get me a radiant star amethyst that was 22mil. And a nice level 61 spear that I could use at level 48 because of lower level requirements.

Because of it I can run Nighmare at MP10, dunno if I'll be able to run Hell that high but I guess I'll find out soon.
I'm a flipper although I haven't flipped in about 2 weeks. I currently have 1.3 million. Haven't been this broke in awhile :(

I've been magic finding and getting 5-9 legendaries per day, NONE of those legendaries were good enough to sell. I equipped 2 of those items on my Wizard, a Vile Ward I found yesterday with 255 Int and a Zunimassa's Marrow.

most ive had at one time is 1 bil trying to get my way back up there though
Never had more than 8m.
1 dolla
2 mil... Ive hovered there for months
18m currently. highest i've had is 30m. i must be the worst 500+ hour player of all time. level 44 paragon :(
The most I've had at once is 10 million. I am again currently back down to 0 again. lol.

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