How much gold ya got?

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i have just over 9m atm, i spent 1m on crafting(didnt get anything useful), and 4m on a hellfire ring(which has good stats).....all in all i wouldn't say ive been lucky with drops so far got a total of 2 5m items Ive sold, that's all that's worth noting
It is nice people are offering up all this data.

But are any of you worried some scammer or hacker is also looking at this and looking for their mark?

A thread like this just feel too dangerous....

That thought never crossed my mind and I would feel terrible if someone got ganked because of my thread. But if its a legit hack Blizz should fix it and if some clown con's you out of gear or $ then it'll be a learning lesson for that gullible person
last time i checked my chr prob had 10-12k.. Never used the ah Havent sold anything on the ah.. Granted this was pre paragon and inferno nerfs. so.
Anyone with hundreds of millions of gold should just sell it on the RMAH ... goodness . how much does your character need to be upgraded in order to the EXACT same content over and over again?

At the bare minimum of $0.25/million that is $127 (after 15% fee). That can buy you the next two to three Blizzard games or expansions.

(or .. better yet .. send it to paypal and buy yourself some better games that have more content.. ... sorry .. had to be said).

Good call but I don't play games for cash that would take all the fun out
im crying at my ten mil T.T T.T
02/07/2013 01:51 PMPosted by sptatx
im crying at my ten mil T.T T.T

LoL, don't worry bud just keep farming you'll get Gold if you just enjoy mindlessly killing hordes and hordes of monsters. . .

And here's how much I actually got,

666,942,606 Million Gold, I still feel poor btw :D

And those items my Barb are my Arsenal for PVP TroLoLoLoLoL!
most i had 297 mill. found one item that sold for that all other drops ive ever had 2mill or less
i now sit at 2.9 mill o well i have a sns wizard now
most i had 297 mill. found one item that sold for that all other drops ive ever had 2mill or less
i now sit at 2.9 mill o well i have a sns wizard now

You had 297 Million dude?

When and where did you spend that Gold?
Currently sitting on 320 mil

Couple of decent items up on the ah, if the ah doesnt crap out, should be closer to 400 mil by end of weekend
Just sold all my SNS and archon and utility gear.

Total gold pile: ~4.5B

Inb4 he's only 68 paragon omfg hax0r RMAH! L2flip -- oh wait it's too late, no AH traffic in this game anymore!
139mil and some gems in my stash.

I don't use the auction house much anymore and most of my gear is just whatever i find now. I collect legendaries and only sell them if they are worth a lot of gold and I don't need them. I think I have been pretty lucky. My magic find barb made it rain. And since I switched to WD I found the witching hour hes wearing and a 1287dps Echo that sold for some good gold. I dont really play much that much right now, but pvp might get me more interested.
110mi now... cant afford a single upgrade =\
Most I've ever had is 150 mil -_-

My highest ever was 70mil, but spent it all to regear after Blizz nerfed a bunch of stuff and made it all worthless.
75M, been over 100M once before; but I throw all my good items on RMAH.
I've only got 1.9M. I'm happy with it. :)
Currently have 2.5 mill.

Never bought anything off AH.

All my gold went to crafting jewels...

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