How much gold ya got?

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Do you guys have gold trees that you water weekly or something? I've never had more than 2mill in my stash >.>

*scratches head* err, then again, I left after the first week the game was released.. I just got back a day ago to see how things are shaping.

What is the secret to your successes or where are your gold trees located, I'd gladly water them for you.
@paulywaly: lol'd hard @ 'one of the few that don't use RMAH'

I think the vast majority of players DON'T use the RMAH... where on earth do you get the idea that "most players" use the rmah, i.e. "only a few" don't? hahaha

also, re: hardcore
I play on 500-900ms ping, always. no thx @ hardcore dying every hour due to ~30 second lag spike
13 million currently. But I have had upwards of 200 million gold about 2 or 3 times.
hc 280m
sc 600m

only gold i made in sc was by pickup gold, nothing sells even awesome drops with 0.00001% chance sell for hilarious low few mil, sc economy is ruined because of some horrible d3 desing decisions, +itemization lacks.
since i play hc i make much more gold (and exchange it to softcore 1:3+), but thats just because if you RIP the items are deleted, item-sink.

currently try to reach p100 on hc, i dont see any point in this game and if i die (and dont want reroll) i'd quit d3

I used rmah 2 times, but sold gold and items with at least the same value as fast as possible, cause i dont want to spend money into this game. It was rather a credit.(starting help)

How do you make 600 million gold without flipping or botting? You sir must have won the D3 lottery in drops 10X's over.... or your lying.

Making gold in HC is easier than SC. Even mediocre items sell for decent. I make roughly 50-100 per week just doing normal farm runs and selling. Usually one item per week will sell for about 50 and the rest of my junk will sell for like 1-5 each averaging out.

I've had a total of almost 2 billion in hc gold flow through my hands since I've started. It's not hard.
Holy crap 600 mil?? I am at a life-time high of 70 mil right now, and I thought I was rich..

I did once get a SKORN i sold on the RMAH for $70, which I suppose if I'd sold for gold I would have 200 mil. But at least I got drunk off it. :)

Good man.
3 million.
Never had above 6 million.
I now have 5 mill gold (from 2.5 yesterday)....what to do with it, never needed it unless for repairs and crafting jewels.

what I do need is to craft hellfire rings which cost gold but I sorely need reagents...

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