Activision Blizzard 4Q Results: D3 12m sold WW

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12 million? Where do these people play then?
12 million copies sold due to good marketing, a good reputation and the success of the previous game. In sales, its a great success. But i doubt the amount of players still playing is looking too awesome.

Most of all this launch reminded me of SW:TOR and we all know how that turned out. The defenders screaming out and protecting the game, player numbers were not dwindling, game was doing great. And support? wtf is that?

SW: TOR didn't last 8 months. That game was essentially dead 90 days post launch. You're ridiculous in your hatred. If you really hate the game so much, why not just stop posting in the forums? That will show em!

SW:TOR is still there, its f2p and crap, but its still there.
I doubt this game is in much better condition. There might be more players on here now then when SW:TOR crashed and burned, but then again this game had 6 times as many sales.

I enjoy posting here, i want the game to be what it should have been right from the start. And im still hoping that they can turn the ship around. Even if thats a silly thought on my part.
shows how big the scam is
#1 PC game of 2012, 12 million copies sold worldwide.

Pretty good for a dying game. See you all at the expac!
I wonder how many sold after the first month

Your money isn't equal to "players interest" in this game... This is a brand name only:

a 8 millions after 3 weeks from start.

And the 12 millions now only?

This is a regression.
#1 PC game of 2012, 12 million copies sold worldwide.

Pretty good for a dying game. See you all at the expac!

Have fun with your vender trash and brims!! /thumbs up 111one11one
Don't worry, I'm sure the expac for Auction house Tycoon 3 will be epic.

Last played Feb 8, see you in the expac!
There are still quite a few copies of the Cain book and DIII on the shelves at this store that buys used games. Marked down enough, each might make great doorstops.
02/08/2013 11:31 AMPosted by Monsta
Last played Feb 8, see you in the expac!

lol u mean last logged in
12 million people bought the game on blind faith in blizzard because we enjoyed Diablo 1 and 2. Myself I keep playing because of said faith that blizzard will come around and fix the game to where it should be. Althought the whole entire apple excuse (remember when the dreaded drop call thing happened? Yeah it's wasn't the tech, it's because you're holding it wrong... blizzard does that quite a bit. They aren't wrong, you're just going about it the wrong way) is really, really starting to get old. However they are making headway into having a pretty nice game.
Calm down, nerd. It's been 9 months.. He's still playing.
"Mr. Detective" would be the raging fanboy posting in caps.

Trust me I'm no fanboi of this game.
How many copies sold were from gold farmers who can run 50+ boxes at a time?

How many are Chinese players? Since they do not buy the game itself but pay for time instead.

How many of those 12 million copies where bought with a stolen credit cards as botters are known to do?

How many of those who bought the game are still active?

Just because Blizz sold 12 million copies that does not mean people would be willing to buy a Diablo expansion or any other Blizzard product if they fail to be impressed by the product.
I don't regret diablo 3 actually, it only lacks pvp and an expansion atm imo.

But for the wait we should get AT LEAST battlegrounds (pvp modes) that get us far away from the arena style, like a MOBA with no items at start:)
D3 sux.
Another payday of over a half a billion bucks for one game. Just like the Call Of Duty franchise witch is owned by Activision and that brings in almost a billion on 3 systems per year. I think I am working in the wrong field of work. ;-)

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