Activision Blizzard 4Q Results: D3 12m sold WW

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I'm having fun.

I can't wait to get home from work each day to play, even if I only play for an hour or two (it's usually longer).

That's all a game requires for me to feel it's "successful". I don't care how well it sold, I don't care how much money its publisher made (or makes).

Is Diablo 3 fun? For me, yes.

Thus, it's a success.

because you're so important so if something is fun for you, it is sucessful
If this game sold 12 million copies world wide, I'm sure that the owners of 10 million of those copies wish they had their money back after playing this pile of dung.
assuming one people buying at least two after getting hacked at release week, not to mention all the botters and banned account included in there. It might be half of the accounts are botters, who knows?
If ur frds playing with u and u r having fun then thats a good game
if u are playing alone and having the need to scream at other ppl and force them to say D3 is great then its a bad game:(
I had fun in D2 I didn't need to go to forum all the time to check if they have any new info for an epic patch
#1 PC game of 2012, 12 million copies sold worldwide.

Pretty good for a dying game. See you all at the expac!

Check out those awesome reviews on Amazon...seems like a real winner to me. Jay Wilson did such a great job, maybe Blizzard will just keep him around Diablo3 to maintain that same quality.

When Diablo3 first launched it totally blew everybody away that the Korean Government wanted to return the favor, and gave Blizzard surprises party right in their office. Amazing!
Just because something has sold, doesn't mean it is of high quality.
these numbers are including Toys R Us and Microsoft store dumping all inventory for $5. Take note that Toys R Us and Microsoft store also no longer sell D3.....

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