Activision Blizzard 4Q Results: D3 12m sold WW

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People who hate certain games don't spend endless hours playing them and they especially don't continue to play them while whining about them incessantly on the forums. Again the real fanboys are people like you who can't let go.

Perhaps he's a diablo 2 fanboy and wants to keep reminding blizzard of his disappointment in this installment. I've played d3 roughly 2 times since June but still pop in hoping to see the game change more towards how I would like it to be, doubt it will happen but I put in years and years and years into D1 and D2 so I can hope.
Expansion units sold: 3
LOL the dude OP dont have the faculty to think i guess

like it been said many time

d3 was sold do to d2 reputation...

lol out of those 12 millions, there are 5millions bot copy

out of the 7, 6 mils quited the first month
I have definitive proof D3's player retention rate is absolutely terrible.

They have never told us what it is.

If it was anything even remotely acceptable, they would tell us the number of unique IDs that log in weekly to justify that the game is a success. The only thing they have ever said is the total sales number, It's that simple. That's also why they won't release an expansion anytime soon. They know they'd only get 2-3 million sales at most, and that would prove the game is garbage.

Anyway, I'm going back to not looking at these forums or thinking about this terrible game for another 3 months, and hopefully when I come back, it will be less JW's RMTAH simulator and more Diablo 2.
02/07/2013 01:30 PMPosted by Monsta
#1 PC game of 2012, 12 million copies sold worldwide.

Yeah 10M before release couse of Diablo 2 sucess, and 2M botters accounts.
1 PC game of 2012, 12 million copies sold worldwide.

Pretty good for a dying game. See you all at the expac!

Because 10 million copies were bought from people who bought the game because of Diablo II.
02/07/2013 01:30 PMPosted by Monsta
See you all at the expac!

Not unless the fix the game, and by fix I mean add the necro and the skill trees.
If we made a poll to see how many people bought the game and were disappointed (not saying the game is bad more like underwhelming, not up to expectations, in many aspects below its predecessor, etc) I wonder how the stats would go. This can incorporate patches, as I feel even now many things are amiss.

It's really easy to see those numbers in the millions provided many people voted, but at this point they no longer care and have moved on (or probably will give the game another chance in the expansion).
Attribute those 12m copies in sales to the D2 team, which paved the road to anticipation with a great classic. I like D3 even with all it's flaws, but it's current quality just isn't up to the hype built around it pre-release. Seeing how other similar games are so much more complete and complex is kinda discouraging, specially considering the budget Blizzard has.

- D3 is painfully short. Repeating the same thing 4 times isn't extending the experience at all, it's just redundant. The game should have had at least 20 hours of playthrough, even if they decided to still include the 4 difficulty levels.

- Itemization is a disaster. What happened to elemental damage? Resistances in monsters? Exceptional procs? Runewords? Why the heck is our damage so heavily dependent on our weapon alone? Why is everything under level 60 complete and utter trash, and even worse, why is 99% of the stuff we find still trash? Why are class specific items rolling incoherent stats all the time? Why is the overall loot quality so poor and obscenely randomized?

- There's still no pvp, even though it was announced, scrapped, and replaced by something that should have been there from day 1 (duels). Not a complete dealbreaker if you're not much into duels, but there's a lot of people anticipating this since launch. Honestly i can't even believe the game was released without it in the first place.

- Unexisting rpg elements. At least you can pick your character's name, but that's about as far as character customization goes in this game. The fact gear isn't customizable either doesn't help here (4 gem options reduced to mainstat+vit and an emerald for your weapon barely counts as customization).

- For a game that's supposed to be based on randomness, all the maps/monsters are rather static. Always the same maps, facing the same monsters. This only contributes to make the game even more repetitive. The fact act3 runs are the only efficient way to run makes things even worse.

- Finally, the fact Blizzard has allowed it's greed to get the best of them, by executing rather unethical profiteering through the RMAH is extremely disappointing. I understand they need the game to be profitable, but preying on people's frustration after following a rigged carrot on a stick to get a quick buck off them is hardly the best way to do so. If you stop focusing on easy profits, and funnel all that talent and energy your employees have into actually developing the best Diablo ever, profit will come on it's own. A lot of us want to love this franchise as we did with the previous 2 games. Make us love it.

These, among other aspects is why it still baffles me to read those posts from JW saying D3 was "the best diablo game they could make" at release. I mean, wtf. It's a game from a corporate giant of the industry, and they can barely do better than it's indie competitors? That's even debatable, considering how many people enjoy games like TL2 and PoE, both of them containing elements vastly superior to D3. Seriously, Blizzard, wtf? Sure, they sold 12m copies, but i'm damn sure that's not the D3 team's achievement at all. Everyone knows that. If they do that well for the expansion (which i honestly doubt), we will know for sure how accurate that number is in reality.

If only we could get a blizzard response to the real issues as stated above. These are the core problem we all have with D3, well said Blashyrkh.
I'm too lazy to change to my Diablo profile, but I just thought I'd add in my two cents directed at all the comments about how Diablo wasn't worth it, or the statements that say, "yeah maybe it sold 12 million now, but but how many still play???"...

I like Diablo 3, it isn't perfect, but what game is. Starcraft and WOW have also been great games. It's been quite a while since I played Diablo, Starcraft, and I think I'm done with WOW, or at least not going to be playing it too much in the future. I say this to say, yeah I like the games, but I'm also not obsessed with them.

I just wanted to let you guys know that I also bought Skyrim and Borderlands 2, among other games...obviously. Those two games together I have spent about 51 hours haven't "beaten" either one. I enjoyed them, I plan on one day going back and playing them more and hopefully getting through more content and having some more fun with them. I bring up these two games to say. I only played 51 hours, but I like them, I don't have any bad feeling towards the creaters of those games and I feel no inclination to go slam them for not making a game that I could spend millions of enjoyable hours playing. Borderlands 2 came out plenty after D3 but I played it for about 3 weeks, I played D3 much longer than that, I just looked and I have well over 200 hours. Yeah me saying that will have plenty of those hardcore gamers saying that is nothing and how dare I not spend more of my life playing that game so I can have a legit opinion.

This is too long. Just to sum up, because I'm already tired of writing this long. I just wanted some of you haters to know that there are legit people that have enjoyed their time with D3, that had fun while it lasted, and don't hate Blizzard for making a great game that it is. Maybe you'll call me a fan boy, whatever, do what makes you feel good. But I really like Skyrim and BL2, even though I spent less time on them than D3, and you don't see me bashing them. Take a break from your hate everyone. D3 is a good game, there are thousands of other good games out there too. A game doesn't have to make you still play it for years and years and hours and hours to be a great game. Play what makes you happy, talk it up, give suggestions to make it more enjoyable. Why sit here and bash, and be angry and depressed? You aren't making your life any better, and you aren't making anyone else's life better.
ignorance is bliss.People bought diablo 3 out of blind faith because diablo 2 was goodDiablo 3 would not be anywhere near 12 million if it was marketed as a different title
This is false. For some people, yes, but D2 did not have a following of 12 million people.

02/07/2013 02:00 PMPosted by joshi
Most of all this launch reminded me of SW:TOR and we all know how that turned out. The defenders screaming out and protecting the game, player numbers were not dwindling, game was doing great. And support? wtf is that?
Except ToR is a subscription-based game. They are VASTLY different. Would I pay a sub for D3? Hardly. Is it worth $60 one-time investment? Definitely.

I don't know why the argument is "player base is dwindling" when that will ALWAYS be a fact with a non-subcription based game. Blizzard sold their game, they achieved their objective. The only people that scream and QQ about "player base dwindling" are the people still playing the game. "Oh look, I got this 0.00001% chance drop item, and nobody to show it off to! QQ, QQ, QQ". It's not like an MMO where you need other people to complete the game.

Ironically enough, people that cry about "player base is dwindling" and "sky is falling" are the same ones that think everyone plays a game just like they do. They actually get offended when someone says "I played it. I finished it. I moved on.", calling them "noob" and "scrub" because they don't participate in what they define as end-game. It's rather laughable.
Diablo3 all day every day
LOL Sold 12 million copies off the coat tail of its predecessor. GREAT WORK!

edit: Also who gives a care aboutt "4Q Results"... .certainly not gamers or consumers. Only corporate big wigs or anyone who has to gain off the profit value of the game. So way to pick your side.
no it can't.

fact is you !@#$% are clinging to the bad gameplay and bad design that was in d2 while everyone else has moved on. go play path of exile and think you are having fun because "it's not d3".
macdonald's sold the most burgers in the world...they must indeed have the highest quality, tastiest burger in the world right?



Macdonalds sells the most burgers in the world because the burgers are cheap and fast to roll out, easily accessible, hugely marketed and advertised throughout media esp to young children (who often have no self control and whine to their parents). they taste nice but are far from the best gourmet burgers ive tasted in my life.

The same reasoning can be used for D3

Great, McDonalds isn't for you. D3 isn't for you either. Do you go to McDonalds and complain about how they're making hamburgers wrong too?

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