Activision Blizzard 4Q Results: D3 12m sold WW

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#1 PC game of 2012, 12 million copies sold worldwide.

Pretty good for a dying game. See you all at the expac!
I wonder how many sold after the first month

Um, couldn't you say that about nearly any highly-anticipated game?

02/10/2013 09:17 PMPosted by UGotGanked
Until it is made great most people will consider D3 fail.

Correction, SOME people will always consider if "fail" because they didn't get EXACTLY wtf they wanted. Grow a set and move on, stop crying like a little schoolgirl. Just because SOME people b!tch loudly and often doesn't mean they are the majority
12 m sold only because of its brand name and the fame of diablo 2. I'm not buying any other Blizzard product.

D2 never had 12 million players. Try again.

Even if D2 was say, closer to 6-7 million, take that number ,combine it with the accolades Diablo 1 and 2 received, the rep that blizzard had, and the 6-7 million people that convinced their friends to get it, and you can account for the majority of D3 sales.
I'd like to see how many of the 12 million accounts are banned for botting. I'd bet minimum 40% of those sales.
I'm having fun.

I can't wait to get home from work each day to play, even if I only play for an hour or two (it's usually longer).

That's all a game requires for me to feel it's "successful". I don't care how well it sold, I don't care how much money its publisher made (or makes).

Is Diablo 3 fun? For me, yes.

Thus, it's a success.


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