AH took gold but did not receive item.

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Hi I had the winning bid for an auction and when the it ended it just said expired and showed I had the winning bid, but did not send the item to my completed tab. It already took my gold and I'm just wondering if it's just a bug and I'll get the bracers or am I just out of luck?

picture for those interested http://i.imgur.com/ppDpFg9.png
Same here bid on something lost it and never got refunded.
well the first auction I bid on for 280m did the same thing... I would have cancelled it after finding this out about the first, but there is no option for that so now I'm out 300m. Somebody at blizzard please help.
This has happened to me just now. I found that a large amount of people are having the same problem. Why must this game always have a problem. Blizzard needs to fix this. I'm out my money, and the item I paid for...
Same here with me. Bid 1.1m in final seconds of item. Message came up saying "Due to high volume blah blah blah..." Money was gone. No item received.
Same issue. How can I report it? I've read countless postings of this problem but have yet to read a post that tells how to resolve it, or if it can even be resolved. Lost 3.57m myself and no item.
Same with me too, after fighting and camping for that one item with countless re~bid and then when i did won that item, that item was not send to me...suck to the max man....
02/01/2013 02:24 PMPosted by Omrakos
The AH issues are being worked on but there's no ETA at this time as to when they'll be resolved. That's all the info we have right now. No one has lost items or gold though, transactions are just being delayed much longer than people are accustomed to.

Read the sticky:

"Choose from a list of pre-defined topics", "I have an issue with a purchase or payment.",
Gold Auction House: "My purchase or payment issue is not listed here."
Real Money Auction House: "I have an issue with a Real Money Auction House purchase."

If the ticket team tries to send you anywhere else for support on auction house issues, ask them to escalate your ticket to the appropriate team.

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