wd Mana issues - suggestion

Witch Doctor
I feel that in end game, right items, without any skills, should solve issues with resource management.
Good example is wizard with arcane power on crit resource.

Currently, if you want to spam i.e. zombie bears (and I'm gonna use this skill as example through out), you have to support it with skills and items and it's not really effective because you have to sacrifice too much.

My suggestion is to make mana regen function of max mana, and replace mana regen stat with something else.
For the first part you could make i.e. every 16 to mana gain 1 mana regen
=> 720 mana would give you 45 mana regen
=> 1200 max mana would give you 75 base mana regen.

Two things come to mind what could replace mana regen stat, and I'm sure others would have other suggestions as well:
a) "reduces cost of spells by %".
So, 12~14% cost reduction on 3 items would give you cca 40 % spell cost reduction, reducing cost of zombie charger to cca 85 on level 60.
Absolute minus cost to zombie charger (on soj/off hand/mara) could give you another xx - 30 cost reduction, reducing cost to under 70 mana.

Couple that with support skill or two, or zuni 4 piece, and you'd get infinite zombie charger build.

b) "mana on hit", pretty self explanatory, each time you hit, gain mana back. Mana on kill does not scale well with high monster power, mana on hit would.

What say you, fellow witch doctors?
In theory, if you have zuni sets and 3 pieces mana regen and -12mana ZB on mojo, with BR, VQ, SA, you can spawn ZB without mana loss as long as you have less than 1.5aps.
These discussions have already been held multiple times... Let me find some threads that you can read through if you are bored.

yes, that's my point, I don't wanna waist passive slot on VQ, or one of the active slots on skill to trigger it.
In my opinion if you combine three wd class specific items with class specific affixes + i.e. SA should be enough for spamming most costly spell.
interesting read, thanks.

I think mana on hit would be good resource for wd's.

For barbs they should add another stat, like crushing blow from d2, and have affix fury on crushing blow. That would be in line with barbs as strong crushing class.
Ya as I continu to work on my WD and slowly level my Wiz and DH.

I'm wondering why were the one's so starved for resoures.

I don't play with bears but is it realy that much more dps then what other classes get?
bears are skill that need acclimation, but once you get used to it you'll love it advantages.

In general wd skills are optimized for slow weapons with high damage,in contrast to barbs and monks that favor high speed to get the same dps.
So, all classes can get high dps, but bears is certainly one of the higher damaging skills.

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