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02/05/2013 11:33 PMPosted by Grimiku
For those of you who enjoy or prefer growing your characters without the assistance of the Auction House, how do you feel about crafted items? In your opinion, does crafting with your own materials count as a "self-found item," or do you think that's something that really only applies to item drops?

That is a very good question. I need to think about it before giving a more certain answer, but at this point I'd have to say I have mixed feelings on this issue and would prefer if I could just finally find some good gear (especially effective or funny or both legendary/set items like the Slorak's Madness I've found..sadly the only legendary that is both cool/fun/funny and effective that I've found yet). Anyway the crafted items look ok. It doesn't matter whether they're bound to account or not, don't see a point to that and while they look good, just it doesn't seem like they're the same as finding an item.. eh it is not worse per se as much as it is just different. It is fun to build up to something but it is exciting to just find something whether it is random off a random monster or even better something really good you got off a boss in inferno difficult (the way it should be with bosses regardless of how many NV stacks we have, seriously..)..

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