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More power to Olympus then Lord Zeus.
02/01/2013 06:42 PMPosted by vexorian
It seems that the same people that complain about rares being useless are those who moan about not finding any legendary ever and about how they can't find upgrades.

Without trying to belittle your characters or play style, bear in mind that rares are only useful if you can either use it or sell it. Now consider your Wizard's gear versus my Barbarian's. For any item slot on my Barb the criteria for an item to be an upgrade is much tighter than it is on your Wizard. Therefore the chance for an item I find to be an upgrade for me is extremely rare, although possible. This in turn means, by my definition, that the majority of rares I find useful are the ones I can dump on the AH.

Now I'll repeat my point that I'm not trying to belittle your characters or play style, but I routinely find rares that would be upgrades for you that are really just vendor trash to me. Now why are they vendor trash? First they don't offer a substantial DPS or survivability upgrade to someone who is already at 100k dps or more, so people are unwilling to spend much for them on the AH.

And if your play style is to only equip what you find then you won't buy it off the AH from me either. So there is nobody I can sell this item to. Possibly I could sit in a trade chat all day and spam free item giveaway, but again it's not really worth either party's time.

I don't moan or complain about the game so your comment isn't really directed at me, but there are number of people in the same place as I am and I can see where they are coming from. If you devote your time to maxing out characters in D3 then eventually you'll run out of things to do; this IMO is why the hostile system in D2 was so awesome. Having random people join your game and try to PK (and then corpse pop you) helped to break up the monotony of the item hunt.
And at the OP (or anyone else who isn't in inferno) I'll run you through MP10 A3 Hell a few times and donate all the rares I find to you. You'll see how quickly you become inundated with poorly rolled items. Not the whole act mind you, but key parts of it that give the best yields. =)
actually i do enjoy browsing the AH for a good deal. i have yet to find IK chest armor at a bargain price.
02/01/2013 12:09 PMPosted by pixelrage
What makes you so sure that treating the game like a business isn't fun for some people?

I can tell you that it depends on what you are after. Some players in inferno are playing just to get their paragon level up and will still pick up some sets/legendaries and maybe a few rares, like gloves, rings and amulets (due to the chance for a trifecta). Others will not pick up hardly anything at all and just go for the paragon xp. Others will be there farming for legendaries and sets and may not even bother picking up rares. Still others will be in it to get as much gold as they can so they only will pick up items that they know will sell well on the AH. So it all matters on what you are after.
I tried playing self found on my HC character, gave her a 500k Inferno budget bought really cheap gear just so I wouldnt insta die.....was like shouldnt be to hard to find an upgrade....get to paragon 12 with no XP gear....not a single upgrade was like screw this and started buying stuff lol.
hmm would be best to be on middle... dont pus hrself to buy all item on every slot.. instead just buy item that are awkward. 80% of my gear is found.. and i dont try to buy upgrades, i enjoy finding them... high tier item need u to farm fast if u wana find it. and if u arnt gona use ah why pick gold? so i would say its more fun if u are in the middle... huntig for own loot.. and upgrading what u need only... like monk, they need to stack single resist for OWE... why da fuk u dont sell ur akward res to get 1 that match urs. its just an imposible grind to find same res. so... yeah... enjoy
buddy i am not a noob, but i play for fun and will work for my gear over using the AH. Of course you guys see everything as garbage. You are addicted to the AH like a stoner is addicted to drugs. Play without and you'll enjoy it a lot more and the items won't be so allegedly terrible.

This whole thread should be deleted and you should be banned. This is nothing but a huge troll.
Oh and by the way.. don't talk about things you know nothing about. It just makes people know you are very misinformed, or worse, fools actually believe you.

I mean no offense to anyone but there is a bit of truth in what I said. The playerbase has become reliant on the AH and as a result the in game item drops are believed to be terrible. There is no balance between finding items and buying items because people just deck out in god gear from the AH and then wonder why nothing on the ground is good. There is a perfect correlation there.

Edit: I'm not being a troll. I am actually 100% serious.
I have a certain range of items that i pick so i wont be wasting my time going to town , ill only pick rings , ammys , 1-handers , legs , archon , and 63 bracers , everything else is just ignored... trust me , time in this game is crucial , less time you waste , more monsters killed , more chances for phat loot.
What I have been doing is using the AH to gear my main only, and found drops that won't sell to stash away for my other characters. I have a full set of self-found gear for all classes (except DH, he has some hand-me-down AH items from my monk) now that should be able to do inferno with no problem, a couple probably even mp2 or 3. Just need to take the time to level them.

I think this gives you the best of both worlds. It gives you the satisfaction of playing characters without the AH and a high end character when you want to melt some faces.

Besides, it would take WAY too long to grind enough gold to gear out each class using the AH
02/01/2013 11:29 AMPosted by Technoviking
you will be a treasure goblin player as soon as you end the noob stage. don't worry, it will happen

You should stick to witty sarcasm. It looks better on you than you just obviously hating on fellow players.

To answer the original post: I play without the aid of Auction House or other players. As a result, as you can see if you look at my profile, I do not *yet* have top-end gear. I don't even have mediocre end-game gear yet. I just have gear. It does the job (for now, sort of).

The only bigger challenge than going no AH is doing the same thing in hard core or playing hard core at all. I'm too afraid of lag/disconnect deaths to attempt this although it would be an exciting challenge. For now, I'm sticking to the compromise of soft core but no AH.

Since the game is so lacking of any deep storyline, role playing /choices, quests, or well anything depth-related (with the exception of eerie Easter eggs/allusions to the show Lost, poems and songs etc) other than grinding for gear, I feel it would totally defeat the purpose of the game (as it stands now) to use the AH.

Some disagree though and argue that learning how to properly use the AH (with or without dishonest tactics) is actually a big (and fun for them) part of the game. I would say that *for these players* this is a valid stance but that overall AH has ruined and will continue to ruin the development and direction of this game and so both for fun and in protest of the damage is does, I don't *currently* buy or sell on AH (neither gold nor money AH).

Who knows? I might some day turn to the dark side. I heard they have cookies, right?
I clear... and in all of my hours spent clearing, I have found 5 legendaries (2 came in the past 2 days), and not found anything worth more than 2m on the AH.

Good thing I can flip.
02/01/2013 12:03 PMPosted by Fortress
I Play for fun, add me ;)

Me too.

02/01/2013 12:07 PMPosted by LordArion
Runner or Clearer? and what class do you play.

I pride myself on being fully capable of both. Softcore Wizard at 60, MP10 capable, other classes at varying levels, recently trying my hand at Hardcore! It's not quite Angband but it will do :)

02/01/2013 12:16 PMPosted by LordArion
It would be like one of our political parties having 100% control and the other being tied up and getting kicked in the nuts.


02/02/2013 12:44 AMPosted by Philoi
Some disagree though and argue that learning how to properly use the AH (with or without dishonest tactics) is actually a big (and fun for them) part of the game.

Yes, but sometimes i pine for the alternative reality. Often, even.

Who knows? I might some day turn to the dark side. I heard they have cookies, right?

Oh god, the cookies.
Let me tell you what's up. You're trying to be "better" than everyone else by pretending to play the game for fun. You're barely level 55. Not even 60 yet.

You divided the community into clearers and runners already. What the hell is that?
You have clearly not played enough to have proper oppinion about the game. After Paragon level 80+ and 1000+ hours into the game your mindset will change completely about how things work in this game. The auction house was a mistake from Blizzard's part and nothing can change that now, but pretending to not use it is just plain ignorance. Good luck getting your gear by yourself, it'll only take a couple of years.

Stop trying to be someone you're not. Stop throwing insults to players that regard the game for what it actually is : a loot hunt.
On Softcore, its too late to really care, unless I started all over. On HC, I do not use the AH. The game is infinitely more fun without the AH tainting my gameplay.
but there are number of people in the same place as I am and I can see where they are coming from. If you devote your time to maxing out characters in D3 then eventually you'll run out of things to do;

This is my rant. People who over-do the AH purchases will reach this state far faster than me.

I have a couple tens of millions. I could buy items to get 100k dps and the required defense. Because AH prices are so low for any item that is not ultra late game. But then I would have nothing to do. I am not sure what is the rush to reach that state. Like you mentioned I can find upgrades quite frequently. (Note though, that one in 100 rares is worth more than 10m, and one in 10 rares is worth more than 100k), so I still think that if you just want gold and can't find legendaries in a good while, deciding not to ever pick up rares to at least check out their stats before vendoring is not the best approach.
To each his own I've got 1500 hours in and I want to feel some progress I find decent items prob once a week made 100mil this week and from those profits I buy gear to upgrade, and yes you will see a steady stream of useless two handed and lvl 58 items in my trail and I have fun
I played mostly without it back in the early days and mostly still do. I haven't spent more than 5m on any one item, and most of my drops are still self found. I do a lot of selling on the AH, however. I actually enjoy that part of the game. Getting sales is always fun. Especially when it's 190m.

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