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I only played AH free when I was a complete Noob with the intention of saving up all my gold until I hit Level 60 then use the AH. Then I discovered the AH was actually cheaper than upgrading from the vendors. If you don't believe me look at the items the vendors sell you (armor, weapons etc) then go to the AH and look up similar items you will see that the AH is cheaper than the vendors. The last time I bought dyes I discovered that the dyes in the AH are generally cheaper than buying them from the vendor (I'm not sure if that is still the case).
I only play HC AH free. I also only play solo and self found there. I don't trust people in HC, overall a better community but you never know when a group that seems nice will vote kick you in the middle of an elite pack. I take no chances and move at a snails pace leaving no stone unturned.
I have fun when I see my items sell. Please don't tell me how I should play this game thank you.
Playing AH free is akin to playing football between the hashmarks. You might eventually get to the goal line, but it's a whole lot slower and frustrating than if you avail yourself to all the playing space. The myriad of possible affix combinations on items makes it improbable that you will ever find exactly what you need. The AH makes it possible to fill in many of the gaps.

I've had many good item drops that didn't have the rolls that worked in my build. Why waste them when I can trade them in the AH for items that have the stats that I need?
My only upgrade I've ever picked up off the ground is the current shoulders I'm wearing.

I do wish I could play "AH Free" but I'm at the point where any upgrade is .000001% chance of finding during gameplay or costs 1Billion+ on the AH. I've never had more than 50mil gold at once so it seems to me the way to acquire any upgrade from now forward is to play and win the lottery, or flip items on the AH.

Flipping sounds like work, so that means playing for the lottery, I try to add depth to this by always doing my runs in areas where I can also grab a keywarden, but I'll admit even that is getting boring.

Once I get a decent roll on a hellfire ring I'm not sure what reason I'll have to play until 1.07 and pvp.
02/01/2013 11:32 AMPosted by LordArion
Play without and you'll enjoy it a lot more and the items won't be so allegedly terrible.

Incorrect, I've never used the RMAH or GAH, everything I use is self found and sorry to break it to you.... the loot in this game is terrible. I bet with your one level 55 the upgrades are starting to get really far apart aren't they? It gets worse, you'll play days, weeks, months and upgrades happen so infrequently it's sick. I still won't use the AH to upgrade cause that would require an insane amount of gold or real life money to piss away neither of which I have.
You'll soon see especially if you played diablo 2 for 10 + years as I did and Diablo 1 prior that Diablo 3 loot is crap. They lost how to dangle a carrot over the players eyes to keep the item hunt fun. Now the carrot is buried in the sahara and you have a baby spoon to dig it up. You know it's somewhere but will never find it.
To the OP, I do both. With my first wizard I use the GAH and trade stuff with my friends etc. With my second wizard, instead of playing hardcore (I do have 1 HC toon though), I decided to try "self found stuff only". I'm not far in yet though but I like it.
OP, did you ever actually sit down and do the math? I used to do the same thing you are but you have to understand that you've probably wasted literally hours just looking at yellows deciding if you want to vendor/salvage/keep, whereas I go around picking up a select list of unid rares and all unid legendaries and I've made over 500 million gold just selling the above-average stuff I found in the last month doing that. I don't complain about items. I don't complain about the AH. I don't complain about how long it takes to get good gear. I just log in, farm what I like to farm, pick up what I want to pick up, and sell the good stuff. If you don't like it, oh well, but all you're doing is making yourself look like an idiot by coming on here and giving everyone else !@#$ when your method is probably the most inferior. As someone pointed out before me, I see way more action (killing monsters) than you will ever see because of how much time you have to spend looking at every rare and I'm quite content with this playstyle.
The Auction House is a form of trading.

It's an alternative to getting scammed in the trade window. The odds of finding everything you need in this game are so astronomically high as to be almost impossible. So you trade the things you don't need for the things you do. Eventually, through gear progression, you are going to start finding things that are of no use to you.

People think the Auction House is some kind of store where the employees stock the shelves with good items you can buy at discount prices. It's not.

You are trading items with other players. Somebody had to find those items. When you trade with with other players on the AH you receive gold as the medium for that exchange. Gold is almost universally used for the purchase of items, so you are, in essence, trading for items.

You never hear people coming on here to say: "I never trade items with other people because that defeats the spirit of the game."


I never bothered to look at your profile, but noticed you have not yet reached Inferno difficulty. Nothing wrong with this, we were all at this stage of the game at one point or another.

But Normal, Nightmare and Hell difficulty are so laughably, hilariously easy that you could do it in pickup radius, thorns, health globe bonus gear and barely break a sweat.

When you get to Inferno, you'll see.

If you're not getting completely thrashed by every elite pack, and manage to pickup some rares, you'll see.

And when you ID that 50,000th pair of gloves with:

+50 DEX
+45 INT
+24 Poison Resist
+Attacker Takes Damage of 9

You'll see.
02/01/2013 12:16 PMPosted by LordArion
The problem is when these people who's entertainment is busting out the credit card complain about itemization and cause changes in the game for those who don't use the auction house or don't base the entirety of the character development on the AH it does cause a problem. It would be like one of our political parties having 100% control and the other being tied up and getting kicked in the nuts. Unfortunately that obsession with the AH is taking what Diablo was, a loot based ARPG, and turning it into a game where everything revolves around a market. Diablo isn't an MMO, lets keep that way.

Hahahahhahahahahhhahhahhaha, did this guy play d2?
02/01/2013 11:22 AMPosted by LordArion
A treasure goblin player is how I describe players who just leave a trail of items behind because they never pick anything up or just drop 2 seconds after picking something up. Does anybody play for fun or does everyone just treat the game like a business instead of a game.

That's why people leave items behind in D3.
I played AH free, kind of, I sold items on the AH and used the gold to upgrade my gems, since I hit paragon 20 I started buying a handful of items off the AH. I started looking at online profiles and seeing people with 3mil gold collected yet their characters were dealing massive damage. That made me throw up a little in my mouth. That a side, I had and have a lot of fun playing Diablo 3 with some real life friends, it's the only way to go in this game, for me anyway.
I play with the AH, but it's the HC AH. and salvaging things for later characters seems very lucrative to me.
lol :)
I just finished playing AH free, I'm writing a review and it should be up soon - stay tuned!
With the introduction of MP and PL I decided to create an AH free character. I'm been playing MP10 from the get-go and while it's slow going, it is a lot more enjoyable. I'm not even through Hell difficulty and I'm already PL 2.

It's true though, it's clear the item dropping in this game simply isn't good enough. With MP10 and the increased MF that comes with it, I expected more legendaries or amply strong rares to drop during my playthrough, but I have had to rely mostly on crafting, and crafting isn't much more satisfying than sniping on the AH.

I will continue AH free to see how it goes and to see whether I run into a wall. I commend people for trying different ways to play the game and there isn't any wrong or right way, but just whatever way(s) you enjoy playing most.

Keep the patches coming Blizzard.
I play with the GAH and am having a great time, I've put in more time with Diablo 3 than I have with every other ARPG I played combined - including Diablo and Diablo 2. I think its because the GAH allows me to build my gear more efficiently around the skills I like to use.

To each their own though.
Entirely self-found, and I'm currently playing through MP7. I've beaten everything on MP6 except Belial. (I can't beat the enrage timer.)
Why be concerned with how others play their game? Also to suggest players that use the AH are inferior to those that don't is incorrect. Play your game and let others play theirs. You said it best OP. It is a game and games are for entertainment. People play games based on their own playstyle, not yours. Good luck to you with your playstyle.

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