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First of all, I think everyone needs to read this thread here: because it is very concise and explains exactly the issue we have with D3 items today. However, it doesn't offer a solution. Here is the solution I would like to suggest.

Step 1) Decrease the !@#$ty rolls on ALL items (rares, legendaries, blues)

Remove useless main stats on class-specific items. This means, get rid of dex on wands, get rid of int on mighty weapons. Get rid of all those useless main stats like strength on a bow. This will mean that more of the legendaries, rares and blues that drop will have a higher chance to have useful rolls.

Step 2) Decrease the drop rate on ALL items (rares, legendaries, blues)

This way you have less items flooding the market, and the items that are found are actually both rare and good. It means that when a rare or legendary drops you get EXCITED!

The developers increased the drop rates to compensate for lack of powerful items... this was not the right solution. It was a step backwards and now we get flooded with crappy rares with useless rolls, which gets sold to the vendor or salvaged.

Step 3) Increase the gold value of items

This means that those of us who pick up blues and rares will be receiving an equivalent amount of gold from the vendor as we do today, since this compensates for drop rates being decreased.

Side Effects

Items that are more rare will also increase the market value for crafting materials such as essence, due to the increased rarity of items.

Also, this means for those of us who do pick up items to salvage or sell to vendor, less trips back to town and IDing 30 items at a time. I want my bags to be full, but not every 5 minutes. It means that when you ID a rare weapon designed for your class, you won't be rage-quitting when that 1400 dmg crossbow rolls str and int.

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