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Why doesnt someone hop on and do something about the Auction House errors lately.The constant lag,Error 1,clicking the tab to many times which will disconnect you.This game has to many problems.How did it go live so fast.
Ugh... unproductive post.

The game is almost a year old. The AH issues are about 1 month old now. This isn't a broke before launch issue.

Anyway... yes. Really wish they'd fix the AH. The slowness and errors are getting really frustrating.
They probebly are working on resolving the Auction house issues but it takes time to find the problem and fix it.
While I'm sure they are aware of the issues with the AH a simple blue post regarding the recogniziton of the issue would go a long way in reducing the amount of threads created about "AH slowness" and "Duped items".
I said nothing about duped items wth.?

The game has a tendancy to drop 2 of the same pieces it happens.
Hey everyone, thanks for hanging in there while we get this Auction House issue worked out. I've made a post in the technical forums regarding the issue:

I'll do my best to have the posts updated as soon as we have more information.

Thanks for the update.

You guys getting DDoSed? A lot of that going around lately...

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