impaired buying/selling stories

Soooooo... work party last night and a couple results:

Story #1: So I splurged big on my new MH wep, but was in bidding war with myself so over paid by about 100m >.< still a STEAL, IMHO

Story #2: woke up, logged in, looked at my MH ring -- 'where the hell did the unity come from'? checked log, I bought it, no recollection... good price, tho :-) EDIT: oculous, not unity :p

i am not advocating operating anything including a computer while under the influence in case you're wondering..

Any good stories??
oh i have a good one, gather around kiddies~

new to the cm/ww build (still all rares)

one night, did pot and took one way too much valium


came up with an idea

bought 10m rare wizard hat that has a socket with apoc

test run

didn't like it

blacked out

next morning

saw a bunch load of said wiz hat cancelled with crazy amounts

saw it got sold for 900k with a red star ruby

made someone happy

QQ hard
2 stories

1: vendored my life steal archon weapon that had cost me about 16 million
2: chose the wrong gloves to auction off and someone got 15 million gold gloves for 50k., I knew something was probably wrong they sold almost instantly..
Got a story to tell also.

Saw a 205 int 105 vit 9 cc 61 CD 6% Cold Dmg amulet on AH for 220M, i thought i was an expert in flipping so i bought it out while it was still fresh 1d 11h.

So i re list it for 350m, when timer has expired no one bought it.
Re list it for 300m, again timer has expired and no one buying.
Re list it for 220m, again timer has expired and no one buying.

By then i was already frustrated and re list it for 200m so as just to recover my gold even at a loss. Still no one buying.

Transferred it over to RMAH and relist it for $74.99 and left for office. An hour later, received an email on my mobile phone saying "Congratulations on your successful auction in Diablo III". I was like WTH!!
hah! great ones! I actually forgot a GEM story. same deal as Picha --> sold a visage I was playing around with INLUDING the RED 31% gem for about 1.5m


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