Will Diablo3 Survive until the Expansion??

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02/02/2013 03:26 PMPosted by Optimyst
+1 op

Good to know alot of people feel same way
02/02/2013 09:18 AMPosted by NeLLy
Also I noticed you are late to the party of Jay leaving the team. He is now gonna be on a new project, I would say it could be project Titan

I wasnt late, i knew that he was leaving the team. Jay wilson will leave the D3 team as soon as he sees 1.07 through to being released and it becomes live, thats when he will leave and a new game director will be hired.

I did not see when he is leaving the team. It did not say after 1.0.7, it did not say before that either. It is only when there is a replacement that is all. The OP made it out like he is still gonna be the game director for a long time to come.
Another Post about people wanting and expecting Diablo 3 to be more like WoW.... PUKE
What keeps me playing is "Hope" and "Diablo part of my DNA"

You've described my own feeling very well with this few words !! :D

Main D3 weaknesses at this stage IMHO :
- no attributes/skills points to distribute + no ladder => no way to customize builds and no reason to restart a character
- no named games + HV => no social exchanges (trades, runs, duels...)
- no runewords/etherals/socketing => few kinds of items having some interest

But as Gandalf says : "There's always hope" ^^
i like how ppl in this that are saying that d3 is trash or dead, yet they still visit the d3 forms,
They need to get together with POE. They have the content, you have the graphics. PoE graphics are 3rd world horrible. That is Blizzards only competition so they are not going anywhere soon. They will tire of POE too, gamers today have ADD.
d3 is the most criticizing game ever. They can revive the game, they can make is more enjoyable but I'm pretty sure they won't bring us the RPG feeling with all the customization and build diversity.
Survive? Diablo 3 was dead on arrival. I knew, after playing the beta and reading the smug and appalling responses from the blues and the developers about issues concerns with the game, that Diablo was NEVER going to surpass Diablo 2 as far as being a worthy sequel. Maybe in sales. But that was only because of the brand-name recognition.

You have to understand: The Blizzard of 1994-2007 is a LOT different then the Blizzard of today. The merger with Activision meant that profits, not game quality and fun, were going to be the main focus.

Almost all of the ideas that have been passed on to the devs (and I won't list them because, unfortunately, its too long) won't be implemented because it would mean the entire game would have to be deconstructed and re-programed from scratch.

If I were Blizzard I would pull the plug on Diablo 3 by taking it offline, reimbursing everyone $60, hire a brand new design team and go to work on a new Diablo title.
02/02/2013 03:56 PMPosted by paulgray
i like how ppl in this that are saying that d3 is trash or dead, yet they still visit the d3 forms,

The forms are actually more entertaining then the game. We all payed $60 for a sub-standard product. Therefore, we will use that money for good use.
I think the player base will continue to die off until the expansion, but with the departure of Jay Wilson I think the expansion has the opportunity to bring a lot of players back, but it's got to be really good. I don't think many people will buy the expansion unless they add way, way more playable content, improve itemization, more end game content and a real PvP system. Hopefully they stop pouring all their time into the RMAH and really work to fix this game.

You have to understand: The Blizzard of 1994-2007 is a LOT different then the Blizzard of today. The merger with Activision meant that profits, not game quality and fun, were going to be the main focus.

Very true, but they can't continue like this. Their fan base is very specific, unlike, say, their Call of Duty franchise, where most people that play their games are intelligent consumers who will speak out on the forums, and speak with their wallet by not continuing to support their games. D3 and other Blizzard franchises aren't games that most 12 year olds ask for at Christmas time, and if they continue pumping out unfinished !@#$, they're certainly going to see a decrease in their stock over the next few years.
The game will be fine and survive beyond that of Expansion. Player count will drop but it will go back up, it is just how these sort of games work. Good portion of players wont be playing the game 24/7, they take breaks and eventually return.

When Expansion comes out, even if the player population has dropped a lot more, there will be a dramatic increase in players again.

The whole notion of a game 'surviving' or being 'dead' is pretty dumb anyway but eh... it is nothing more than a conduit for people to explain their view of a game.
And looking at the SC2 HoTS expansion and all the killer stuff they are going to implement and have implemented since the launch of SC2 is amazing! Clearly a different, less peon like dev team. This is the perfect example for all the kids who say 'THERES NO MONEY IN IT FOR BLIZZ, THATS WHY THEY DONT UPDATE NO MONTHLY FEE' SC2 has no monthly fee, yet they update all the time, and implement huge things, and thats just one example of many titles....

Well, seeing as how SC2 has a massive E-Sports following, Blizzard has a huge incentive to update that game. I know in South Korea, they have TV channels dedicated to just showing SC and SC2 matches.
Many other games was in the same boat that D3 was in and went on to being good games even though the first two was great, D3 is not that bad but it really need to change some features like getting rid of the real money AH(keep the gold house) because of too many legal issues that can arise from it if it did not already. Use the skill system that was available in D2, hate the current skill system. D3 does not inspire me to play like D2 made play and I understand that D2 is a different game but still somehow associated with D3 because of the continuing story. D3 can still survive if Blizzard focuses on what made the Diablo Series viable. Also do not tamper with the formula too much.
I'll stick around to see what happens with this game but I can tell you that I have no faith in Jay WIlson or any of the development staff responsible for Diablo 3. As a standalone game, it isn't exactly horrible. But it is NOT as playable (and never will be as playable) as Diablo series.

Alot of my friends have moved on to torchlight II and I just might follow so I think your sort of close to the target on the title of this thread...

Diablo III is dying and I cannot see any way that it can compete with a game like Torchlight II. Its ironic really. The game has way better graphics, soundtrack, and cinematics yet its losing customers to another series that actually provides the GAMEPLAY that made the diablo series so spectacular.

Jay, you cannot change the GAMEPLAY of a franchise and not expect people to notice, protest, agree or disagree. THis game has gone downhill fast and any investment by blizzard in time and energy is a waste IMHO
02/02/2013 01:58 PMPosted by NeLLy
I still play a little diablo. As of now, I have no intention in buying an expansion pack. I just get frustrated playing diablo III and I don´t plan in getting more frustration from the X pack. I agree with you. Well said.

Thank you very much, appriciated acknowledging my post.

How ever, you should atleast give the expansion a try when ever it is released because if you are not familiar with the Lord of Destruction expansion pack and how it breathed a brand new breathe of fresh air in diablo 2 which lead to alot of people joining the community of d2 gamers and there for giving alot of success to D2 and Blizzard.

I did play a lot of LoD. But I honestly don´t think the core problems will be solved in D3. But I dare them to prove me wrong. =D.
The game is not going to die before the xpac. A lot of players will stop playing but no one should ever be a mono gamer. That is just depressing. Not everyone wants to spend days farming for paragon levels or better gear. The AH is dead because everyone wants best in slot items. Most veteran players are at that wall where it cost hundreds of millions or more to get a better upgrade. A lot of people do not have the time to farm that kind of money. Prices right now are so crazy I think I could hit paragon 100 on all my characters before I would ever make that kind of gold.
D3 cant die ... its a non subscription based game ... at its worst server load it will always be higher than PoE ...

And as a side note ... PoE will not be huge ... I have beat it on all difficulties and determined that it is far overtuned and will not appeal to the average skill level player. If a person I consider of great skill chooses a class and passive skill tree direction//synergy that isn't one of the top 10 builds out there ... he can still just repeatedly die in merciless...

Skill is so far back in importance relative to build (not that their is skill required in D3 ... in d3 its 98% gear)

Example of how to excel in PoE:

One of the worst players that ever existed in the gaming world but still had a ridiculous stream following (no, not as bad as KingKongor) ... Kripparian

Exploited//cheesed his way through World of Warcraft with Exodus (who now hates his awful skill-less guts)

Brought a wizard with him to hardcore diablo to exploit a world first kill by healing off all the damage using a bug that made recasting Hydra count as killing a mob (kripp just ran around in circles for half the fight)

And now he is currently just Auto Attacking his way to victory with 15 auras and a WAND on Path of Exile on a class that is advertised as melee/spell dmg (paladin-ish) ...

Yeah ... left click hold .... move ... left click hold ... check to see if your 15 auras are up ... left click hold ... (yes i count Power siphon as auto attack ... it just adds a mana cost and gives you charges)

No skill ... and he knows it ... which is why he won't play it for long ... just like all the other garbage games he eventually left ... like GW2

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