Will Diablo3 Survive until the Expansion??

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@All replies, alot of good points people are making here on both sides of the question.

@Murasama, very good points.
Diablo 3 won't survive, because it IS dead already.

However, just like your character, games can be revived. I think quite a few people, who have already abandoned Diablo 3 long ago, would buy a new expansion anyway, hoping that this mess gets fixed.

Luckily, by now Blizzard has understood the overly vocal message of the community that nobody wants innovation. What seemingly everyone wants is simply same-old D2 with the D3 engine.
@Vindicare, D3 with the well constructed foundation of Community atmosphere, team aspect and ability to actually build your character that is similiar to diablo 2 and it doesnt have to be exactly the same, it can be innovative and new with new ideas added to it.

Veterans are the people who were looking for diablo3 release the most and alot of us expected diablo3 to have this well constructed foundation but those who played the open beta knew that d3 went in a different direction and we critisized the game at that time and i guess we were ignored.
Of course it will, there is still a huge fan base ( just doesn't seem like it if you compare to release ) but also new people are joining everyday. i see it a few times a day, brand new lvl 3s-20s, asking very basic questions about the game.in GC.

but of course everyone has their own opinion, some people say the game is dead, well that's odd to me because my friends list has a constant 20-30+ people online at a time, every time i join a general chat there is at least 50/99 people in it. ^so the logic behind people calling it *dead* just baffles me.

and then you have people who hate everything about the game and those like (me) who love this game still, i've had every char to lvl 60, 2 of em twice, obviously played every act and farmed act 3 a million times, BUT i still love the game and never get bored with it.

yes, i read your entire post, and there is NO logic behind what you are saying, yes of course diablo will continue to loose people faster then it gains, but its still GAINING people, let alone hardcore fans like me, never planning to leave, so even the THOUGHT of this game becoming closed or *dead*(no players at all, not one) is just idiotic

game will be open YEARS after expansion just like D2

you know there's something wrong if you're playing the game because it caused you alot of bucks :/
02/03/2013 01:15 AMPosted by rawr1234
even if it dies...everybody will be back just because its blizzard. so no worries!


D3 cant die ... its a non subscription based game ... at its worst server load it will always be higher than PoE ...

And as a side note ... PoE will not be huge ... I have beat it on all difficulties and determined that it is far overtuned and will not appeal to the average skill level player. If a person I consider of great skill chooses a class and passive skill tree direction//synergy that isn't one of the top 10 builds out there ... he can still just repeatedly die in merciless...

Skill is so far back in importance relative to build (not that their is skill required in D3 ... in d3 its 98% gear)

Example of how to excel in PoE:

One of the worst players that ever existed in the gaming world but still had a ridiculous stream following (no, not as bad as KingKongor) ... Kripparian

Exploited//cheesed his way through World of Warcraft with Exodus (who now hates his awful skill-less guts)

Brought a wizard with him to hardcore diablo to exploit a world first kill by healing off all the damage using a bug that made recasting Hydra count as killing a mob (kripp just ran around in circles for half the fight)

And now he is currently just Auto Attacking his way to victory with 15 auras and a WAND on Path of Exile on a class that is advertised as melee/spell dmg (paladin-ish) ...

Yeah ... left click hold .... move ... left click hold ... check to see if your 15 auras are up ... left click hold ... (yes i count Power siphon as auto attack ... it just adds a mana cost and gives you charges)

No skill ... and he knows it ... which is why he won't play it for long ... just like all the other garbage games he eventually left ... like GW2

Wrong... The game is Online-only game.. so few players that play the game will not support the expenses of running/maintaining a server, especially that the game is built around RMAH... The decline in player-base means that they will eventually have to shut down servers or reduce the capacity...

How did PoE get in here?
I can see that you've been following that Kripparian-guy...
I watched his twitch stream 2 or 3 times.. but does it really matter? [Fixed and OB]
He did his homework, found a build (a bug you might argue) and ran with it...
PoE is in OB.. He did it in D3 during early stage...
Sounds to me that you are bitter...
How did PoE get here?
Please don't add a sense of community to the game.

Your community is bad and you should feel bad.
02/01/2013 09:32 AMPosted by NeLLy
Will Diablo 3 Survive until the Expansion Pack

No it wont.
Please don't add a sense of community to the game.

Your community is bad and you should feel bad.

Not true at all, there is alot of good people on these forums and in the diablo3 game. Its only the people who are so angry at blizzard for disappointing them with diablo 3 and then log on these forums only to spam and troll our forums.

I have alot of friends in the game who are good people and i know alot of people who are good people on these forums.
Diablo 3 is a good game that needs some things changed, wether blizzard updates this game with patches or an expansion i strongly believe it can be fixed and diablo 3 can reach its potential because there is alot of true fans of diablo franchise and alot of them would come back in a heart beat if blizzard addressed these issues in diablo 3. This game has such nice graphics and it can be alot more successful then diablo 2Lod ever was if blizzard wants it to be. Its all in their hands.
Personally I haven't played D3 in months due to how quickly it gets boring, I'd pick up D1 or D2 any day over D3 in its current state.

There are good things in Diablo 3, but I'd be lying if I didnt say the game looked better when the teaser videos were released than the actual game.

The two things that annoys me the most is how loot drops and their randomization system, seing the same scenery over and over again quickly turns boring if it's a small word. I've played Sacred a few times and while it doesn't have a map randomization system it's a very big world to play in, and that's enough compensation for not having randomized maps. I would prefer if actual randomized maps were implented, but making the world bigger could also be a solution to that issue atleast.

As for loot, that has already been covered so many times I have absolutely nothing new to add to it, and there are already alot of great suggestions how to make it better.

Still hoping that the game will get improved, but im not going to pre-order any expansion (if they plan to make one) without looking into it and see what gets improved/changed.
They keep adding flashy crap without fixing core problems.

Same story over the last 9 months. I think that they will fix some problems in the expansion, because that is where they stand to get the most money.

Right now they are just banking on keeping people with only 2-3k elite kills happy with the illusion they could possibly get a drop. That is the only way I can make sense of such backwards logic in every single patch.
Will it survive? Yes. Without a doubt. Diablo III has no subscription fees, it has no cost to maintain it other than keeping the servers on, and with World of Warcraft's income that won't be a problem.

Will it be healthy? No. This game is already sickly and wheezing. In my opinion there are too many flaws within the core of the game for them to fix it with an expansion.

- The majority of skills/runes are bland and the only changes that are ever made to them are simple number tweaks. Very little functionality has changed about any of the extremely unpopular choices since May. This makes me believe that they're saving all of the big changes for the expansion in an effort to sell it. Remarkably bad form, Blizzard.

- Itemization is awful. And I do mean awful. Gear upgrades are broken down into simple number upgrades. There are no hard decisions to make. Does it have more mainstat with equal or greater numbers in the other stats you've chosen to stack? Then it's an upgrade. Does the weapon have more DPS with equal or greater values in the stats you've chosen to stack? Then it's an upgrade. Nothing about items makes a person look at them for 5 minutes, equip it and play around with it in the field for 10 minutes, go back to your previous item and try it for the same amount of time and *then* make a decision. It is extremely simple and frankly a little insulting to determine whether an item is or is not "better".

- The biggest flaw within this game is a lack of permanency in your choices, though. People say that the current system of being able to change out any of your skills and runes any time you want to is better than Diablo II's skill and stat points which could not be changed(until much later in the game's life after they introduced methods of respecing). I would wholeheartedly disagree. Those choices, the time you invest into making them, the satisfaction you get when watching your character become more effective at his/her chosen role after reaching a new milestone. These things don't happen in Diablo III because everyone has access to every skill at all times. There is no sense of attachment to any of your runes, so if one of them isn't working for you you can drop it like a bad habit and not think twice about it.

With no sense of attachment comes a lack of caring, which then leads to boredom. There *has* to be some form of investment into skills or runes, some method of showing favor towards a handful of them over the others which will then allow you to make better use of them. Having the tools to build and create your *own* character is what defines this genre and Diablo III doesn't have any.
@Igoz, good points man.

Time for me to put on Do Not Disturb in the game and be absent from these forums until i level from 99 to 100!! baby!!

Lets go!! time to level 100 paragon in Diablo 3 so i become among the elite who have leveled a 99 Barbarian Legit! Pro Style in Diablo 2 and a level 100 paragon barbarian in Diablo3!!

Leggo! Do Work~~
I have too unfortunately perdy much quit playing. I may do a quicky run on act 3 from time to to time but at most that is 15 minutes and i am done. No motivation to play is left. My big time lotto drop never came so never could get better. Sure i spent a few bucks here and there hoping it would happen and i could finally get a elite character together but nope.

Love the game and the play is flawless but the ability to get ahead or have good customization that is player controlled(like the skill trees in skyrim) has really killed my desire to play past 15-30 minutes. I never will be able to afford to shell out the cash to buy billions of gold(it all goes to bills, kids, food, you know real life) for gear and if i could i still wouldn't. But that isn't the point. The point is i should be able to get better and better from the game, not my wallet. Wallet should be optional and from my experience i feel like it is mandatory.

Diablo 3 can be summed up much like life and going outside. The graphics are amazing and enchanting(for 2D), the gameplay is flawless but the storyline and reality of it all sucks. Depressing really.
You can't say they haven't improved at all either. I'm just as disappointed as you are, but I do believe they'll create bigger and better patches leading up to the expansion. All these features out right now are things that should have launched with the game. The community definitely needs fixing as well as farming and grinding go. There's just no way you can play for 500+ hours and maybe find ONE good item. Players that invest time into the game need to be rewarded much better than that. Any patch after 1.07 needs to be very significant from all the other patches, especially patch 1.1, which I believe will either make or break the game.
I'm pretty sure after corporate saw how horrible the game did during Christmas they went into panic mode. Honestly I think im already in love with PoE and D3 is doing too little too late. I've given sooooooooo many suggestions and I truly feel like all BlizzActiVindi cares about is that player dollar. I feel anytime they are "being nice" its just minimum effort to get your dollar. Meanwhile PoE has functions that are very similar to the very things I suggested. (Mostly the ability to turn some crappy white item into one of the best items in the game)

Pretty sure Wilson is gone because of how crap Diablo did during Christmas. If they would have had the game up to par we would have had a huge, sustained increase during Christmas and beyond. But nooooo.. They waited till "next year" to even release PTR pvp. Blizzard really dropped the ball hard on this game and there is no way in hell im buying the expansion.

Shen is still bugged. Posting to the AH still has no commas. Equipment lock button ideas are responded with, "Ya... We just arent going to do that." Stash spaces are removed from beta to cut costs on data storage by the second biggest gaming company in the world. Wonder what other corners they cut and what else was cut from the game for the sake of profiteering if they are petty enough to do it to a stash space?

Blizzard needs to pluck a die hard series fan PLAYER out of the crowd and make him game director or something. With all the cards that are currently down I do not see BlizzActiVindi winning my heart back. Ever. But I have been wrong from time to time before.
But....Rob Pardo said that we are to blame him for everything...I thought the game was going to make it after that happened right? Everything was going to be better right? That apology and within 48 hours Rob also releases new expansion for Diablo 3 despite the game being an utter train wreck.

Management is so out of touch it is unbelievable. There was a point where I wanted this game to succeed, but now things have changed with that garbage.

Marquis gems also show how out of touch the design of this game is. A further tier for gems? I doubt the biggest problem of this game is that players needed another "gold sink"

I will eat my hat if blizzard actually makes the changes that plague this game. That is a pretty safe bet though, considering the decisions they have made in the past.
I'm still enjoying the game. It can get repetitive at times but that's when I stop playing for a week or two, then I always seem to come back to try and hit that next Paragon level or two.

It's the only PC game I ever play as I spend 95% of my gaming time on the PS3 & Vita.
I'd like to start off by saying that I believe this game has great potential. I've been an avid, avid Diablo fan since the beginning. However, what this game really needs is a greater sense of community. Some of the Battle.net mockups are great, and something really needs to be done. In Diablo II there was more incentive to play public games, and I feel that should return. Increased EXP in public games really gave incentive for people to go out there and talk and meet with other people, I really felt like I was part of something. The chat rooms and game creation was great in Diablo II, I would love to see something like that in this game. If I want to uber I need to go online and search through forums trying to find a group.. why can't I make a game entitled "Join for Ubers" or something of the like? This was a huge perk that Diablo II had.

PvP is the next problem. I LOVED PvP in Diablo II. However, in Diablo III, I can't even see myself dueling. Who am I going to duel? I can't make a game entitled "Duels Here" or something of the like, and I have no friends currently playing this game. Again, I can sift through forums searching for duelers, or join random public games and try to get people to duel me, but is that really the best answer? I feel something can and should be done to alleviate these problems, and it will go a long, long way into making this game the great game it's capable of being.

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