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Hey all, I'm going to try and keep this short and sweet. (Skip to bold for Idea, the rest gibberish)

I haven't logged in in some time now and the culprit we all know; itemization/progression. So last night at work I was thinking what would make me log back in to slay some demons on this very fluent combat hack and slash arpg (so much potential).
So one thing everyone knows and it has been mentioned in many constructive posts is the need for more affixes so i won'e delve into that.

One idea I came up with is items being able to level up. Say each item can max out at twenty levels and it takes a fair amount of experience to do this (I am not going to figure out exact/fair numbers just give some ideas to get the point across). Now each level gained gives you the option to level up one of the affixes on your gear.

So lets say main stats for example if your gear has dex then you can improve it by five dex (potentially by the time you leveled said gear up you could be at +100 extra dex on that gear). Or with attack speed you can give it 1 more percent and some affixes will have to cap out say attack speed at 15%. Anyway you get the point.

The reason this would keep me farming anyway is because there is a big gap in progressing, its easy to get medium gear but top gear takes time and effort and a lot of grinding. The ability to level up your own gear would fill this gap and add a level of customization (if items are our only form of customizing our characters then let us customize our gear some).

I don't think legendaries should be able to level up because, and this is imho, I think rares should have the potential to beat legendaries because of the astronomical chance they have to be great.

I know this is a complete overhaul but it is only an idea and I believe this game needs something big to happen.
Haha yeah It ended up longer than I thought it would:P
02/04/2013 04:48 AMPosted by Leinenkugels
Haha yeah It ended up longer than I thought it would:P

Please man, just edit and put in some paragraphs if you really want people to read and comment.

I really like your ideia, but its hard to read it all.
02/03/2013 03:18 PMPosted by gooddaytodie

I was thinking items should be leveled up via experience. The main intent of the idea is to help with the long grind, kind of like paragon levels, and it would also add a level of customization.
Though it might not be a bad idea to include gold either. Say you gain 5 mil xp and level you gloves up to level 1. If you choose to add +5 to a main stat it would cost 100k or if you choose +1 to cc then 500k.

This would add the much needed gold sink and I think people would invest in it imho.
02/04/2013 04:51 AMPosted by Themisto
Haha yeah It ended up longer than I thought it would:P

Please man, just edit and put in some paragraphs if you really want people to read and comment.

I really like your ideia, but its hard to read it all.

Kinda new here at the forums hopefully I can improve
Don't like the idea at all, you are changing the Diablo experience completely and making it into some sort of Call of duty.

All they really need to do is to take a step back and look at item's in the way it will be used.

Crossbow's shouldn't have WD skills / Intelligence / Strength
Wizard Helm's shouldn't have WD Skills / Strength / Dex
Monk helm's shouldn't have Intelligence / Strength

Item's in general need a more realistic overhaul, in Diablo 2 you never saw this happen as often as it does in this game.

Legendaries also would be related to the class it would most likely be used.

I find a Windforce with no Dexterity which makes it completely useless.
I find a Butchers sickle with no Strength / Dex which makes it a brimstone.

Don't even get me started on the Rare's of this game they are extremely broken and need to be revamped.

Giving item's the chance to "Level" is so stupid and will cause a lot more people to complain.
02/04/2013 05:38 AMPosted by DeadRu
just another useless gimmime,gimmie,gimmie thread. How about you simply play the game or not.

This is hardly a gimme thread. This is no different then the initial idea behind why paragon levels were instituted. Except this idea also has depth. And as far as I can tell this wouldn't effect any ones play style for the worse or the AH.
This is simply an idea as i stated. It adds depth just like the expansion will and just like most patches have.
I like D3 i'm not a hater. Paragon=cool. This idea=cool as well

Yeah you might be right it might not fly with many a gamer. But i currently don't see how. Kinda why i threw it out there.
Anyway yeah i agree with you otherwise and i believe there are lots of ways itemization can improve.

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