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People argue that d3 is better than d2, or vice versa for many different reasons. I think they are both different, while d3 lacks a lot, d2 is a little clunky and is full of dupes.

Don't intend to make this a long post, so I will get to the point.
Diablo 2 CLASSIC. This was the best for sure, because the items you used we're mainly rares, which weren't hard to come by. Items were not OP, and Uniques were low levelled, meaning from the start of normal, you were already finding good gear. My only problem with it is that things were missing (like the fact the javazons had to use white javelins), but I thought this was an amazing game. The lack of jewels and runes keeps you considering gems, but not being the priority. SoJ was a big part of classic, but it rarely dropped, and I wouldn't socket a rare unless it was "godly".

And before you complain about the retarded amount of Bots and dupes, I will say this - SINGLE PLAYER EXISTS. Only play online for killing noobs in pvp.
That was then, this is now. Try to catch up with modern times and stop living in the past. Stop wearing parachute pants, and get a new hairstyle, the mullet isn't popular anymore..
Diablo 3 is in it´s own way a sequel to D2:LOD, they combat is to say the least amazing!
There are several features newly included in D3 that really makes it a good sequel and I think in some ways Blizzard wen´t and changed some systems for the sake if approachability such as getting rid of the stats allocation and to some degree simplifying character progression.

It´s a really great game I hope to see more content in the future however I wouldn´t mind more complexity regarding character progression and itemization.

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