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Idea of end-game content.

At "inferno"(MP 1-10) after defeating boss (Magda, Ghom etc) appears portal to special area.
Requirements to enter in portal:
1) Start game session from first quest. Special icon near "naphalem stacks" shows, can player enter in portal or not (because, he joins game not from 1 quest).
2) 5 "naphalem stacks".
3) 2 or more, who can enter in portal according 1) & 2). One player can't enter in portal.

When 2 or more players enter in portal, they come to special area, in which begins PvP.
Player, who kills other players 10 times (pwn 10 frags) - wins PvP battle.

After that all players return to PvE area.

Winner of PvP get prize:
1) 1/4 * 250.000 * 2-4 (number of players in PvP) * 1-10 (monster power).
2) Some good gem.

For example, winner of PvP with 3 players at MP5 gets 1/4 * 250.000 * 3 * 5 = 937.500 gold.
For all 4 bosses winner of all PvP battles gets 937.500 * 4 = 3.750.000.

What do you think about it?
Doesn't sound like its gonna be that bro, Bliz has already said it is going to be an arena for PvP.

I do agree that PvP could be more of an adventure, but this is going to be in the expansion for later Act. I also like the idea of winner get some sort of prize, maybe an "ear" just like in D1. After all, many games I've played get you some sort of "medal" for killing your opponent such as Battlefield 3 and Bad Company (dog tags).
sounds like an awesome way for a multiboxer to ruin the economy in a matter of hours.

The issue with pvp rewards is that they assume pvp wouldn't be farmed as if it were co-op. If it were possible to spawn ANYTHING as a result of doing PvP, it would be botted 24x7 until whatever reward there was would be either completely useless or completely game-breaking.
3.750.000 gold for 2 hours ruins the economy?

Bot finds more gold in same time. In PvE on MP1. :)

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