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I've been meaning to put this up for awhile, and one of the threads below made me decide to do it now. This is a much easier method for the Skeleton King/Maghda uber fight. I did not come up with it. My good buddy Weaversal#1271 figured it out while trying to solo the fight on MP10. I haven't seen anything like this posted here, please let me know if it has already been done.

If you are already face-tanking this fight on MP10, this method won't matter to you. If you're an amazing freeze-wiz (or playing with one) that can keep both frozen for the majority of the fight, this won't help you as well. Now if you can't defeat them on MP10, this may help you bump up the difficulty a notch, or to help defeat them at the current level. This also works extremely well if you are trying to solo the fight. Note this method does take a little more time, so you will need at least sufficient DPS to defeat this uber at the current method.

The premise of the method is to let the Skeleton King come to you. You want to separate him as far from Maghda as possible in order to apply as much damage as possible before she comes to his aid. If done correctly, this should keep you almost completely away from the arcane sentries and butterflies that she generates. You'll get the chance to fight Skeleton King alone for the majority of the fight until he's defeated.

Step 1: From the beginning of the fight, go directly down to the bottom of the screen onto the stairs. Do not engage the two at their starting point:

There should be a 1-2 second delay before the King will tele to you. As a DH, I usually drop down some sticky traps and place a sentry here as the King will tele to this spot. As soon as he tele's in, let him have it. You should have a little time before Maghda makes her way down the right side.

Step 2: When Maghda gets close, run/vault/teleport/etc. to the far left corner. Again, the Skeleton King will teleport to you. Deal as much damage to him as quickly as possible. As you can see in the mini-map, Maghda is pretty far away.

Step 3: When Maghda gets past the halfway point to the left corner, you run/vault/teleport/etc. to the far right corner. Again the Skeleton King will teleport to you, deal as much as damage as quickly as possible to him. Again take another look at the mini-map to see how far away Maghda is.

Once Maghda gets close, repeat from Step 2 going from corner to corner until the King is dead. The only caveat is that the entire team (if you're not playing solo) will have to move, otherwise the Skeleton King may tele to the straggler.

The only difficult part is knowing when to run away from Maghda. If you have alot of armor/RA, you may be able to stand there until she gets really close to the corner. If not though, you may have to move a little earlier.

That's it! Once the King is dead, it's the "simple" matter of defeating Maghda. No special tricks for that, just beat on her until she's dead. Only other helping words I can give it to watch out when Skeleton King begins his walk. At higher MP, this can one-shot alot of players.

If you want to see this in action, feel free to add me and I'll join you in an uber when I have a chance. Please note I can't carry MP10 by myself; I feel comfortable carrying MP8 but can play in a group at any MP level. If you plan to play a higher level MP uber, please make sure you can handle it or bring some friends that can. Thanks!
I'll take the permafrost wiz...
02/05/2013 09:06 AMPosted by Dinkster9
I'll take the permafrost wiz...

Oh it's much easier with one which is why I added...

If you're an amazing freeze-wiz (or playing with one) that can keep both frozen for the majority of the fight, this won't help you as well

I stopped doing MP10s with a Wiz after about the fifth run, was just too easy. I mean if you truly believe the third sentence of -> -> you should try the higher MPs without a Wiz or better yet solo for the challenge.
Interesting, might prove useful down the road for my budding dh.

My barb on the other hand can carry 3 dead team mates through mp10 Magda and King... however, I Can't say the same for Seige and Kulie... I need a relieable method for carrying that fight when the shiet hit's the fan. :(

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