Option to remove 'recent players'

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huge list of 'recent players' is so annoying, regardless of the fact that you can collapse the list or not.
please add an option to delete players on the list, or a choice to not track recent players all together.
Dude, they can't put coma in the auction house tab ...
Do you really think they can add the delete option of recent player???
yeah they cant put a comma in was the worst slap in the face did they fire all the coders? I agree i don't like seeing random people i don't care about in my 'friends' list
+1 for this... my recent list only ever uses about 6 slots, the rest seem bugged and don't ever drop off when i play with more new players
I'm still waiting for an option to disable that annoying inventory blinking. I doubt they do any of that.
currently in order, you will see Friends Online - Recent Players - Offline Friends

Bliz should rearrange it to, FO - OF - RP with ability to remove players on RP.

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