Should I go Innas or Rare Pants?

as title says.. based on my build should go for innas/ice climbers or rare pants/ice climbers w/ ms. also, anything else i can do to upgrade? (ring, ammy, etc.)
inna = bis barb where they dont need the extra eHP
rare pant = 99% of the barb because its too good on eHP.

so i guess you are one of the 99% barb right?
Comes down to two things:

1) Do you have enough EHP (HP + armor/AR) to make Inna's/non MS ICs work? You should be buying high VIT or AR Innas to begin with.

2) If #1 is a no, do you have enough money to buy a nice pair of MS ICs? 300 stat MS Ice Climbers will cost upwards of 500m on a good day.

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