Archon wizard, need help with upgrades

So I'm trying to build an archon wizard, but i'm not sure what to upgrade next. My money is limited, but i'd like to hear what I should upgrade next.

that's my profile. Note that the weapon i'm using on my profile and the armor i'm using on my profile aren't the ones i use for the archon runs. i use a 1100 dps wand with 3% life steal and tyrael's might.
To really up your dps as an archon, you should really stack crit chance and crit dmg. From looking at your profile, your crit dmg seems decent... so what you need are items which will give you more crit chance. And don't forget to maintain around 500 AR. Always best not to get one shotted.
What do you want to achieve? Farming higher MP?

If you want to upgrade your ehp, get Vile Ward, Andy's with AR (or noncrit mempo), pants with AR and sockets, zuni pox ring.

If you want to upgrade dps, get witching hour and lacuni, trifecta ring.
You really dont NEED lifesteel on your weapon. I run w/out it currently, and come 1.07 it will be even easier to not have lifesteal, you already run blood magic so you should be set.

You can grab a decent cheap upgrade by getting an Echoing Fury with an open socket, 1100+ dps and 200+ int. EF's with no lifesteal and no crit can be had for very cheap. My EF is 1200 dps, 270 int, and 70 vit with open socket and I got it for 30 mil.

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