Haedrig is horible at his job

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Have any of you noticed this? The guy wants to help you fight the evil that plagues the world, and he is supposed to do this by forging equipment for you. That's great, and a noble gesture, but why the hell is he not at least repairing my armor for me? Seems kind of lazy in that aspect.

Also, why is he charging me for equipment when he clearly stated he wanted to repay my help by making gear for me. And to top it all off, in thanks to finding him rare documents on ancient blacksmithing to create pieces he never thought possible, he rewards me by f*cking up each and every time and giving me horrible gear and still charging me for it. It seems like he used his wife as an excuse to use me as a business venture.

I'd pay him more if he would give me what I wanted...

That's how it works at any store I walk into today.
He does repair now, he didn't before but he does now. Also, yes, crafting the way it is now royally sucks, I never use it anymore, I only craft gems.
I sometimes bring Headrig a plan I found, to learn - but I never have him craft something for me. So, he started drinking a lot lately, and mumbling incoherently. I had to put him on suicide watch and asked the enchanteress to keep an eye on him, which she mostly did, except that her random non-sequiturs (and sightings of invisible boys), turned Headrig even more insane. And on top of that, my templar is a nervous wreck, because Irena spends more time with Haedrig, who has a bigger hammer. So Kormak, in a desperate attempt to win back her attention, switched to a vegan diet and began to compose poetry.
My scoundrel won't stop laughing while we're out together.

Crafting? What crafting?
all his armor looks like plow shares or shovels.....
I actually crafted a 5 affix ceremonial knife just for !@#$s and giggles the other day, since I haven't crafted anything since like last summer. Thing came out with perfect stats (LS, OS, CD, black damage, mana regen).. but the dps was 590. Sold to a vendor for 2k, cost me 57k plus mats. Highway robbery, Haedrig.
He reminds me of one of those feel nothing con artists. He heard a hero was coming to town, so he threw his wife into a zombie to get her infected, locked her in his basement, then made a story up to tell the next hero that walks into town. He then makes the hero kill his wife, then rubs it in to exploit the hero into buying his obviously over priced work that feels like a special needs child tried to make with his daddies hammer.

I say we force Haedrig to be the 4th follower to show him the hell we go through, maybe then he'll start making GOOD equipment when he knows he has to follow the person he's crafting for.

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