What is the End Game?

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I really just need something to push me to want to grind to get better gear, but I really don't see the point in doing so currently. I'm sure there's probably a clear answer somewhere, but what is the end game content? What fun and challenging things can I do once I get pretty awesome gear to be able to do so?
They kind of forgot about the fun aspect of the game during designing it.

There is no end game other than to get better gear.

The new patch will not add any end game either by the looks of things unfortunately.

The only thing remotely fun is HC. Even then, when you die due to disconnects and stuff, its very frustrating.

Still no end game really.
with diablo, ive always seen the end game being getting better gear and reaching the level cap. aside from that theres mp and ubers, and at some point pvp will be out. hopefully after that we can get some sort of infinite/really long dungeon or horde mode and more ubers. id love to fight the butcher and izzual together.
What are the uber runs exactly? I've also heard mention of something like "Infernal Machine" and "Hellfire", but I'm not too familiar with these either exactly.
when you beat diablo on inferno the game ends.
Play Path of Exile. The endgame is amazing and stays interesting and fresh about 100x longer than D3's endgame.
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There is no end game other than to get better gear.
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There is no end game other than to get better gear.
There is as much of an end game as there is a beginning and mid game... oh wait.

D3 seems to be in the hands of total amateurs.

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