Outbid but didn't get back my gold

Technical Support
The item has already expired and I was outbid. But it still says in the status that I am winning and my gold is still stuck in AH. Please help me!
Hi I may have actually won the item but didn't get the item... not sure... cos I was not around to check. Time out is expired when I was not around. It still says I am winning. But time left is expired. I am not getting the item nor am I getting back my gold.
Blue please check this item for me. I don't recall receiving back the gold.
I also have an auction item that has expired but it doesn't return to my stash. I tried to cancel but I receive error 31006. Please help.
Blue please get back to me. Thank you.
Finally resolved! It's terrible to wait so many days for AH processes to complete especially when there is no history or indication that it is processing instead of gobbling up my item/gold into oblivion.

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