The one great thing D2 had that no one has mentioned

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One of the great things about online gaming is been able to play with your friends and specially most of your friends. In my opinion one of the biggest let down at the moment that was announced was the fact that the maximun amount of players allowed in a game was 4.

I remember in D2 been able to play with up to 8 players in a single game, now if we take the time just to imagine how awsome it would be to play with 8 players in D3. Doing Ubers or just farming would be a total diffrent experience that would add to the overall value of joy of this grinding game.

There are so many occasions were one of your friends or even your self is left out in the cold because the party is already full, not to mention the fact that it will add to the overall difficulty of the game and entretainment value since you get to see your friends die :)

Now let me know what you think about this concept since its the one feature that i miss the most.
8 player = 1 hammer bot doing all the killing, 7 others leeching and looting like idiots.

Fun indeed. Next.
Ignore fathom, he doesn't even have anyone on his flist I'm sure he plays solo only

Yea I feel your pain man.. every freaking night we have to split up into two or three teams because of the stupid 4 player limit. 8 would be nice, then we could all play together and have more epic experiences.
8 players was only good for public dueling or 4v4.
Questing or farming with four random people is already annoying.

But farming /w four good friends on vent or teamspeak and all of you have around the same level of gear and skill, THAT is amazingly fun.. until you realize there's 6 or 7 of you and only 4 can play together at once.
What if you have 12 friends, shouldn't there be an option for 12 players... or that guy who has 18 friends, he needs an 18 player game?
No offense but I'm quite sure you are not the first one mention 8 players game :)
There definitely were no ENDLESS debates about this before the game was released. We definitely didn't beat this dead horse to a fine powder.

OP is clearly the first one to mention it.

this has been mentioned numerous times in forums.
I agree 100% with the OP. having 8 players is what I miss the most about D2. I'm sick of having to decide who I'm going to have to cast out everyday.
If by "no one has mentioned' you mean "only been mentioned 10,000,000 times" then yes I agree.
MP10 > players 8

Even with individualized loot I still prefer solo play. In D2 solo play was the only way to get loot at all, or you know, 8 people joining a game and each one going for a seperate boss/area while a few idiots hostiled everyone to try to troll.
Even if they raise the player cap, it will still be more efficient to play solo. They need to allow followers in team play and fix the way cooldown reductions work.

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