wtf is wrong with my AH?? was i hacked?

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So today I decided to look over my past AH items (the stack you have that didn't sell) and I originally wanted to make a thread about how we should be able to vendor those items in the stash BUT...

I noticed, the last couple of items.... were duped... meaning, the last 6 items in my AH item, all have the same name, same stats, same everything.


And those items freaking suck anyways!

Did someone hack my AH or something?

Is there a glitch in AH?

Did I smoke too much this morning?

I really don't understand how the last few items in my AH stash/history/whatever are ALL THE SAME ITEMS AND STATS

Someone have any idea? Minus me smoking too much??

No this is not a troll thread
02/01/2013 07:17 AMPosted by dmGinC
Did I smoke too much this morning?

This ^
Dude, I am completely serious.

The last 3 items in my AH history of items I didnt sell, appear 4, 3, and 2 times. I think it just might be a glitch with the AH or something because it really doesnt make any sense
yeah ah bug. I've had cases where an item was still listed in ah (as expired), but I had the item in my inventory..not dupes per se.

check bug report forum, the AH is all wonky right now for everyone

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