AH bug. How long have u waited?Updated.

Bug Report
lost my item in AH ,IT just disappear after the expireing time. will it be permenently gone ?
Well, logged on this morning and my item was in my inventory, so no more worries!
Same thing just happened to me a while ago.. Bid on a Vile Ward, item expired, gold went away, nothing appeared in the "Completed" section. Not sure if I won or lost the bid as there's no record of it anywhere but I lost the gold I put in.. :\
Bidded on an amulet for 4m at the last mins Somehow it did not quickly register, soon the results came and it said winning/expired. I refreshed hoping either to get my item or gold back but nothing happened. Now it doesnt even have the record of the transaction. Help pls. :)
Sure hope that the system update/maintenance would tackle this AH bid, cancelled, and outbid disappearance issues
Just an update...

After 5 days and after i had already bought another pair of bracers i finally got the bracers i bid on and the remaining cash back. So your stuff will return to you just gatta give it time.

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