TDPS seems a little low...

It takes so long for me to kill elites in mp8+ any suggestions on what i need to fix?
how long, 1 min?
try replace overpower with hota, i think your problem is killing tiny boss or kiting boss. ww will not be effective.
160k paper and only 1.1mil fully buffed tdps. Its your MH. the damage range is too low.

tdps quotes is with opKS not opCA. Your tdps is actually LOWER!
Your mainhand is a big culprit. At 1.3 APS it leaves you halfway between 2 breakpoints, and it inflates your dps because damage for sprint is equivalent to that of a 883 DPS 1.2 APS mace.
Yep, mainhand. You need more damage range. You'll have to use a tdps calculator to see what kind of upgrade you can get for whatever budget you have, because getting an 1100 dps MH with the same CD you have now isn't going to happen. Still, gaining another 200 avg MH dmg will be worth dropping some CD for, just have to figure out how much.

if you switch from frenzy/maniac to bash/punish it will shoot your tdps up to 1.57mil---equipping scoundrel will give you a little more (1.62mil).

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